Voice of the White House March 12, 2006

“The White House reminds me of a back ward somewhere. True Bush loyalists are getting fewer and fewer and the remaining loyalists don’t know whether or not to shit or go blind. The talk now is that Bush will destroy the far right with his stubborn blunders, utter stupidity, total inability to take negative advice from anyone and flat refusal to change any of his crazy plans. For example, he is even now trolling to sell off U.S. port control to another company, this one also located outside the United States. Even though a thoroughly alarmed Congress had drawn a line in the sand (due to huge public uproar) Bush will be at it again as soon as he can. Why? In the last instance, Secretary Snow stood to make a lot of money if the Dubai deal with through. Note here that Cheney hold a vast number of Halliburton stock purchase options. Over the years, he has shamelessly been giving no-bid contracts to Halliburton, solely to increase the future price of the stock. When he retires, he can cash in his options at the low price and get very, very rich. Bush has no problem with his friends making money through crooked deals….After all, he and his brothers and other family members have been doing this for years and gotten clean away with it. Neither Bush or his people seem to be aware that all of the intelligence organs and members of Congress are leaking reams of classified material to the press, to bloggers and to foreign sources like crazy. These miserable creatures believe their own lies to a degree that only a shrink would understand. When the bills come due, kids, we will pay them because Bush will either die in his cell like the former Serbian president or will be living in Costa Rica (where he has a tica)”

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