Entertainment Sells Techno Conspiracy

Chris Goodmanbetter – henrymakow.com February 20, 2012

SuperBowl 2012 has come and gone.
The primetime bread & circus accomplished what gladiatorial games have done since Roman times – distract the electorate from the actions of the self elected.
It’s fitting that the “Patriots” lost while spectators were scrutinized by the best technological surveillance to date.
Such scrutiny typifies unfolding centralized real-time surveillance of the entire populace. Propaganda disguised as entertainment has left Americans oblivious to the threat facing their liberty and privacy.
America’s human herders, the psychopathic elite, have determined that the best way to predict a society’s future is to invent it using popular culture.


There have been many instances of biometric surveillance in movies & T.V.  the 2002 Steven Spielberg Film ‘Minority Report’ will aptly suffice.

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