Under the Big Tent in the Circus of Appetite and Ignorance

Visible Origami – February 18, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….May your noses always be cold and wet.
Man! What a bunch of hoopla; underwater nukes in the Pacific, basement nukes in New York, UFO deniers, men who hate women, self righteous lawyers with big egos, syntactically challenged troglodytes from Wyoming. We get them all. These are the ‘go to blogs’ for Huey, Dewey and Screwy.
I was pretty careful with my words. All I said was that I didn’t agree with Makow’s views on women and I don’t know one way or the other about Jim Stone but… I don’t know and I’m sticking to that. Still, we opened a can of worms; as opposed to a can of Whupass; thankfully. I also got a few comments from the dreaded Anonymous; a Cerberus like creature, with the heads of two weasels at either side and a chicken head in the middle. Like they say, “that’s entertainment”!
Enough of all that. We’re at Origami today, a sedate oasis that one in ten visit, because only one in ten care very much about the incredible ineffable. Well, the ineffable is on the move. I got a wonderful jolt of awareness in respect of that this morning. Yesterday I was uncomfortable, uneasy, off center and in a low energy pothole I couldn’t climb out of. This morning, I woke up ten years younger and brimming with force. I was given indications of this last night, when I lay in bed in the early hours of the morning. The transmissions were stronger than ever before and the message was strong and filled with confidence for what lies ahead. It was doubly nice, given the day that had preceded it.I’ve mentioned ‘endurance’ before. Sometimes, you just have to go through things. There’s no alternative to slogging through the peat bogs of residual karma and the environmental constipation of strangled force, surrounding one, as you try to find a dry hummock of sandy grass in the swamp. Sooner or later, endurance, like perseverance, furthers and it’s a game changer. I don’t know how many times in my life I have just had to keep on keeping on and then the mindset and the landscape both transform into something a little closer to the heart’s desire. I’ve no illusions of consistency in this regard but I do believe that the heavier it gets in the material worship zones, the lighter it gets in the new world coming.
The level of collective insanity is compressing by the day and generating a dark heat from the pressure of madness collapsing on itself, in the process of dwarf stars (intellectually and morally speaking) turning into black holes. Speaking of black holes, Madonna and Kim Kardashian walk into a bar and… oops, wrong turn Clyde; just a little comic relief for those who don’t mind mixing humor in with their metaphysics. There’s no punchline.
The bottom line is that the crazies are going to get crazier and the sane are going to get saner. As we all know by now, those who fancy themselves sane, in their embrace of ever more preposterous lies, are actually the crazy ones and those marginalized to the side and drowned out by porcine suits with red shouting faces, are the sane ones. We’ll be seeing the truth of that more and more as the planetary forces that signal the various interplays and operations of human engagements, work their collective destiny upon our affairs. It’s all choreographed by the dance master and we’re either slam dancing or doing the soft shoe, depending on what music we’re listening to. Of course, some will be waltzing in The Overlook Hotel and some will be dirty dancing in the urban sump pubs. Those who are familiar with the musical works, Bolero and Scheherazade, know that they start off slow and easy and end in a fury of crashing sound. You can look at what’s on the menu by thinking of it in there terms. And there’s certain to be a great deal of acid reflux, as the clanging and clamor reach their heights.
We are entering the main tent for the big show in The Circus of Appetite and Ignorance. There will be great lumbering beasts. These are not normal animals, with an intelligence as great as those in the audience, who usually perform for your watching pleasure. These are the animals that symbolize the excesses of appetite and ignorance. The creatures of appetite will cavort in dark flames that howl like tasered banshees, while ignorance dances beneath a black sun, whose gravity swallows whole worlds with a single inhalation, “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”. It’s no mere coincidence that Kali has her particular blue black hue and that white Shiva lays supine beneath her writhing form. This of course has no connection to the various skin colors that populate the Earth. Those differentiations, like the multiplicity of languages and cultures, are in place to play upon our racial and religious prejudices. It’s all set up the way it is, to see what you are going to do because the ineffable is the ultimate voyeur.
True peace and tranquility arrive when you can walk through this world and want nothing from it. You will, of course, receive all manner of things but you shouldn’t want any of it because those are ‘the ties that bind’. Blood ties are the worst. You see the most distressing examples of this in that part of the world responsible for the trouble everywhere else, because those who think they are manipulating everything, connect whatever is happening elsewhere to what is going on there.
The spell of Maya has to be broken and if you think you can accomplish that on your own, in times of extreme material darkness, you are dreaming. Proud men, intoxicated with their own sense of vigor and importance, imagine they are ruling nations and moving mountains. They are sad little puppets, en-route to the grave. Wiser minds seek the invisible help that is within and all around them. They know they can’t walk that road on their own. They’ve learned the hard way, as so many of us do; as all of us do, at some point in any number of lives. The incalculable wealth of all of these human births, glitters like real gold before the eyes of those who can see it but the eyes of too many are closed to the magnificent blessing that has been laid upon them. To squander such a resource is a terrible thing. The evidence of it surrounds us. Few care.
I speak as a wastrel with the good fortune of having met The Source. Like some of you, I am luckier than I have the sense to comprehend; other lives and other times. This is a grand finale of considerable import. As I never tire of mentioning, we are at the conclusion of a major cycle of 26,000 years. The human mind can’t grasp the import of it. This is not your usual turning of the age. This is the completion of a full circling of the great wheel and the beginning of another. God help you, if you don’t make the leap. As has also been said many times, then it’s off to wardrobe to get suited up for the next round. It is my sincere prayer that you will be spared this and it is certainly within your reach to accomplish the alternative.
Many times, over many days, I hear it said, “The effort you make now will reward you richly, far beyond anything you can imagine. The degree of difficulty is great and every effort is significant. Apply yourself. Rely on me. Rely on me completely. Strive to make yourself aware of my presence and my presence will come to you. Press forward with determination, faith and certitude. I am at your side. I am here now. I am truly here. Accept this. Reside in this. Live and breathe in the awareness of this truth. Look around you at the foolishness on all sides. Have no part in it. Every moment counts. Every effort is divine currency. Rely on me. Rely on me”.
I forget a hundred times a day. I misstep a hundreds times a day and always the voice comes and points it out to me and I cry out at my failures and inability to stay constant and on the mark. It is comic often enough but the voice is patient and steadfast. I have been told that it doesn’t matter because I have no choice. I am led to believe that I am compelled to forget just so I can be reminded. I am told that even though I have no choice, it makes a great deal of difference how much energy and consistency I bring to the table in each and every day. It is wonderful but there are degrees of wonderful and the voice lets me know that whatever good can be acquired, there is always more that can be added unto it.
This is the harvesting time and our efforts do not just benefit ourselves but all life. I have been routinely reminded of how I might feel later, when I realize that not having done enough, resulted in great losses on the part of those who might have been reached but were not. The ineffable is relentless in this way and there is more than enough work to go around for willing hearts and hands. There are far too few so engaged.
Now I can’t even remember what I’ve just written down (grin). I guess I’ll see soon enough when I go into the editing phase. I myself am in the editing phase, being that which is being edited; work in progress that we all are. Work and progress being the operative words. Make it count.
End Transmission……. 

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