Jeff Rense and Impasse City

Reflections in a Petri Dish – February 17, 2012

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Every time I get on my white charger and dash off to the defense of someone, I wind up impaling myself on my lance. Different people are kind enough to link to my work and I am grateful for that. They see some value in what I do, apparently most of the readers do as well. The only person that doesn’t see much value in me, is me. I’ve never liked myself very much. I don’t care if I live or die; please don’t take that the wrong way. I don’t mean it like it sounds. I suppose I’m just weary of this world and long to be somewhere but I don’t know where somewhere is. My upcoming novel sits there, finished but not entirely transcribed and I find reasons not to do that. I have these other works in progress. They’re sitting there too. My music site at Soundclick disappeared. They took exception to my not wanting to pay for the premium features anymore and got nasty with me, citing rules that actually permitted me to have it set up the way it was, as an argument for the reverse. They’re not very nice people and I was glad to be gone. I’ve got at least six albums waiting for me to record them but I can’t get it up (grin) to do that. I’m waiting for something to change inside me but it’s not time for that just yet.
I know that first paragraph sounds depressing. I don’t mean it to be. I’m usually in a good mood. I’ve got a roof over my head and food to eat. I’ve got a bunch of wonderful dogs and a great companion, though I live in exile and don’t have any associates. My language skills are not the greatest and most people don’t want to hear what I like to talk about, which is what you generally see here at the blogs and I don’t want to talk about the things they want to talk about, which is mostly pedestrian twaddle for which I have zero interest. So, here I sit, one day following the next and fully aware that there is little I can do to accelerate what I’m waiting on. I just have to wait and try to be useful in the meantime.
I’ve been debating talking about what it looks like I am about to talk about. That hasn’t gone well in the past. I jumped the shark with my SOTT commentary. I posted some high minded tripe about all of us seeking to get along when Mark Glenn and Jeff Rense had a falling out and Mark has never spoken to me since. I’ve defended a few other people and caught a decent ration of shit about it. Some of the people I am tangentially connected to are at serious odds with each other. I just keep my head down and try to go about my business. If I have a problem with someone, I try to resolve it and if I can’t, I just go my way. I’ve got a conflict going on with some people at the moment that’s partially based on my acting out in a certain way, due to telepathic influences that required some action on my part; possibly not the action I wound up taking but that’s road kill at this point. Some of it has to do with money but that’s easily fixed and will be. Essentially it has to do with my not meeting certain expectations but from my POV that would have been a bad move. Regardless, my Anti-Guru 1.0 kicks in and I can’t defeat the software. I need a high end hacker for that and no one wants to mess with the force that installed it. We’re looking at Impasse City in that respect.
I’ve been interacting with Jeff Rense for awhile now. I’ve always liked him; right from the beginning. He’s been good to me and he’s encouraged me in various ways and at various times. I’m pretty familiar with his professional background and some of what he’s been through. Given some of the people he’s been associated with over time and the degree of his personal prominence, I would have to say that he’s come through it all very well. A lot of mud could have attached itself to him; given what most of us think of Alex Jones but a careful study of that time slot shows Jeff walking the high road through different amounts of negative crap, as well as being setup in unpleasant ways and then taking the highway out as a result.
The man works all the time. He’s about the hardest working man I know. He’s got high standards. He’s also highly reasonable and forgiving and he can be reached and reasoned with; should one want to engage in that sort of thing. For some reason, a lot of people don’t. The combustion level of unevolved ego that operates in the theaters where all of us are employed is pretty low. Many of us think too much of ourselves and the idea that we could be wrong about something is usually not an immediate consideration. There’s far too much self importance going around and that’s a terrible cross to bear. It really is, especially since, in fact, we are not, any of us, that important. We only think we are and it gets us in trouble because we make unreasonable demands on others, when we ought to be more aware of who we are dealing with and how they view things and what is important to them.
Anyone who interacts with Michael Rivero knows that you don’t argue with him about no planes at The Pentagon, or about HAARP (grin). You also need to know that you can’t be dragging God into the equation beyond maybe a casual mention because Michael doesn’t do God. If you are determined to have your way in these matters, you’re not going to show up on his site.
Jeff Rense is seriously informed about Fukushima. It’s an area of inquiry that he has put a lot of time and attention into. You don’t go to Jeff with stories about planned nuclear explosions causing the Fukushima disaster. I don’t know what Jeff thinks about Sorcha Faal or Ben Fulford. Personally I think they’re intentional disinfo. They make shit up but they weave some truth through the fiction. I don’t know Jim Stone. I just know he’s got his name in big letters on his site and there’s a certain amount of innuendo about mysterious forces keeping him from being heard. I don’t want a man I don’t even know, angry at me for mentioning him but if I’m gong to have that feta cheese omelet, with olives and herbs and olive oil, or whatever I’m going to put in it, I have to break some eggs. Now, I haven’t had an omelet in several years but that’s beside the point. I have had Pop-eyed eggs and poached eggs from free range chickens so, I know what I’m talking about here. For some reason, I don’t care if Faal or Fulford are angry with me and I would rather that some people were angry with me rather than my having to work with them and then wind up angry with myself. I’m dealing with that feature in real time at the moment.
I don’t know Henry Makow but I generally disagree with a lot of what he has to say when he’s talking about women. That’s fine. I don’t talk about him in my posts but now I am. I can’t see any reason for jumping on Jeff just because he doesn’t want to print something. That’s his inalienable right. He’s not the only one who doesn’t want to print what Jim Stone says. What he says is highly controversial and speculative at best. Sure, TPTW are capable of anything but they are not doing half the shit that is attributed to them. Now, I don’t really know if this did or did not happen but I don’t think it did because it doesn’t make sense for these creeps to poison their own wells. I don’t get there being nuclear explosives in the Twin Towers either. Where’s the radiation? And they wouldn’t have fallen like they had if there had been basement nukes. But once again, I don’t know. I wish more people didn’t know because too many people know too much these days and most of the time a lot of what they know is wrong.
None of this has anything to do with Jeff not wanting to link or post something and none of this has anything to do with someone not wanting to be reasonable after being in a working relationship of some years. That’s just stupid if you ask me. Why toss a long term relationship in the ashcan? The sensible thing here is to back up and mend that fence.
These days people are tense and getting tenser. There is a plague of anonymous making the rounds, where people are going around ambushing anyone and everyone because they are deeply unhappy and have become mean as a result. We live in a world of acrimony and bad spiritedness. People are rude and cruel as an avocation. There’s way too much schadenfreude. I’ve found nasty behavior in the most unexpected places. I’m almost past being surprised at anything at this point. That’s a sad commentary, I know.
Jeff is a decent guy, according to my standards. Imagine his situation. He works all the time. He has no doubt fought a long battle through his life in the face of so many wrong choices he could have made and didn’t make. He’s still a warrior for the truth, which can’t be said for many people in this game. There’s a cost for this kind of thing. It’s a testimony to the way he’s lived his life that so little of a negative order can be ascribed to him. You hear picayune things that don’t amount to much at all. You see people try to associate him with Alex Jones but there’s no there, there. The truth of that whole matter has been detailed elsewhere and I’ve linked to it here before. Meanwhile he has to live with accusations like he’s got some connection to the Secret Service, the truth is that at the same time he was saving someone’s life. You hear he’s got some kind of model train that surrounds his house and that he’s got a fleet of Harleys. What’s wrong with a man having a motorcycle?
This is what happens when there’s not enough truth to serve the interests of those who want to paint someone in a really bad light. They have to make shit up. I have just gone through this myself. Isn’t the truth enough? Apparently not. I can understand how Jeff feels. I’ve had to hear things about myself that are as false as false can be and there’s not much you can do. The people who want to believe that garbage will. When I beat a life sentence in Hawaii; being the only person who ever managed it, some people said that I bought off the jury. A friend of mine said, “With what? He doesn’t have any money. He had a court appointed lawyer. He works for eight dollars an hour at a fruit stand”. Good grief.
What this whole thing is, is stupid. No other word covers it. Jeff works all the time bringing you the news. You don’t pay him for it. You don’t pay any of us for it and we get by as best we can. The least we can do is defend these friends that serve us when someone has an axe to grind just because they don’t get their way. You hear talk about Jeff making 400,000 dollars a year. Jeff has BIG bills and expenses. How much of that do you think he gets to keep; not much. He raised his daughter all by himself against some terrific setbacks since she was a baby. A man in his position could have cut all kinds of deals on the road. He could have compromised endless times. He didn’t. The people with serious money want no part of him. You know who they are. One of them relentlessly sues him for no reason except to bring him down. You don’t hear Jeff crying about it. You probably don’t even know about it. He just soldiers on. I wish I was as determined and together as he is. I’m not.
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