Iran-Israel ‘Shadow War’ Spreads to Asia

Rixon Stewart – February 17, 2012

Incredibly it hasn’t occurred to journalists in the employ of the corporate media yet. Or perhaps they know but they’re just not saying. Either way no Israeli was killed in any of the three attacks on Israeli targets in Asia this week, even though the attacks caused more damage to the assailants than their alleged targets
The attacks were indeed carried out with an air of almost slapstick incompetence. So much so that they resembled comedy clowning acts rather than ruthless terrorist attacks.
About the only thing the attacks in Thailand really succeeded in doing was drawing attention to the attackers themselves.
One eyewitness, Thongma Danoi, described it as one of the strangest things he’d ever seen: a dazed and bloodied man carrying two wired devices through the streets of a usually quiet Bangkok suburb  
“He was losing a lot of blood,” said Thongma, who saw the man, later identified as Iranian Saeid Moradi, fleeing a rented house that had just been ripped apart by a massive explosion. “People were shouting, ‘He’s got a bomb!'”
Minutes later, there was another blast, as Moradi reportedly threw a bomb at a taxi that refused to pick him up.

Wrecked taxi in Bangkok Feb 14. Click to enlarge

Yes, although it could have come from a Keystone cops caper you read that right: the alleged “Iranian terrorist” threw a bomb at a Thai taxi after it refused to pick him up.

These “Iranian terrorists” are nothing if not ruthless.

Moradi’s rampage ended shortly thereafter, when a third explosion tore off one of his legs and damaged the other so badly it had to be amputated.

The other attacks – including an attack on a car carrying the wife of the Israeli defence attaché to Delhi and a bomb found attached to an Israeli diplomatic vehicle in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi – seemed equally inept.

Israel immediately blamed the attacks on Iran, an accusation Tehran denied, blaming Israel itself for the attack.

Describing the attacks as “false flag” attacks, Tehran noted that they echoed an earlier assassination attempt on the Saudi ambassador in Washington, which had the same inept execution and was initially tied to Iran, until investigations revealed evidence of Mossad involvement.

Although the corporate media were quick to quote-Thai authorities as they noted similar magnetic bombs had been used in the attacks in New Delhi, Tbilisi and Bangkok, most Western reports pointedly omitted to mention the fact that exactly the same type of device had been used against Iranian nuclear scientists.

In other words Iran OR Israel could have been behind the attacks. So in deciding the guilty party one only has to ask who would have the most to gain from the attacks? Or conversely: who would have the most to lose?

In answering that we may consider the New Delhi attack. India and Iran are currently in delicate negotiations to establish a payment method for oil, despite pressure from Washington for New Delhi to look elsewhere for an energy source vital to its continued economic growth.

Why would Iran want to jeopardise those negotiations and risk alienating a nation with which it is still on reasonably amicable terms by detonating bombs in its diplomatic quarter?

Why indeed?

The only real beneficiary from that would be Israel.

However, beyond mere terror the attacks have a secondary effect. Israeli publications are now presenting Iran not only as a threat to Israel, but crucially as a threat to the rest of the world.

In other words, they are putting the case for international action against Iran. Just as there was once a “coalition of the willing” against Iraq. Except war with Iran won’t remain confined to the Middle East, it will ultimately escalate into a world war.

And in the latest news regarding the Bangkok bombing it appears that like Mohammad Atta with his taste for liquor and strip clubs, these “Iranian terrorist” had a fondness for prostitutes. Not exactly the behaviour of devout Muslims. More like the behaviour of wayward dupes, easily led astray by pretty girls of easy virtue.

Exactly the sort of none-too-devout Muslim who could be tempted with promises of easy money.  

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