Jeff Rense Steps in It: 2nd Update – February 17, 2012

One slick dude. Click to enlargeOn Thursday Jeff Rense replied to my article , The Hidden Jeff Rense”  without extending the common courtesy of linking to it. Of course, he vowed never to link to my site again, something he considers a trivial matter.
My crime? Posting a theory about Fukushima that challenged the official version which he accepts.
Jeff Rense is a liar. He has lied to me and many people close to him. Is this fact relevant to the “Truth” movement? Are we no better than the people we condemn?
Jeff has been married five times before 1983, i.e. age 38.  He is 66. Extrapolating, he has been married as many as 10 times by now, as www. covers only 13 states and his Oregon home state is not one of them. How’s that for conservative family values? How’s that for personality problem?
Aug. 8, 1969, Santa Barbara, CA:  Jeffry S Rense and Janet S Andrew
July 8, 1973, Santa Barbara, CA:  Jeffry S Rense and Mary J Leimer
September 20, 1983, Reno, NV:  Jeffry S Rense and Laura Hill
March 20, 1977, Clark, NV:  Jeffry Shearer Rense and Suezan Irene Errio
June 2, 1979, Zephyr, NV:  Jeffry Shearer Rense and Constance R Phillippe
Ask Jeff Rense to reveal how many times he has been married.
Like these marriages, our collaboration was terminated due to Jeff’s personality issue.  This is not personal. He is not dependable.
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