Voice of the White House March 3, 2006

“There is growing concern inside both the White House and among senior Republicans in Washington , that if VP Cheney doesn’t resign of his own free will or is forced out of office, the Republicans will, in turn, be forced out of office in November. Even Diebold and Jeb Bush can’t corrupt nationwide elections, like they did in Florida in 2000, and the continuous imbecility and arrogance of the current Administration is becoming widely evident, even in the Bible Belt. The American media, whores to the end, have been cooperating with Bush by hiding important information. The New York Times knew a year before they finally published it about Bush’s determination to spy on everybody in the United States via the NSA and the entire media was aware of the FEMA Katrina tapes wherein Bush is clearly shown, contrary to his pathetic bleating denials later, that he was fully aware of the pending disaster…and did nothing, later trying to blame FEMA head Brown for his, and the grossly incompetent Chertoff’s, manifest inaction. Bush was, by growing rumor, drunk at Crawford and Chertoff is a moron and a sycophant of the worst order…a typical backside licking Bush toady and as useless as tits on a boar pig.”

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