Apocalypse on Hold

Apology to Readers: Post-Postscript

We stand corrected over an impending US strike on Iran. Word just in from a source, who has proved thoroughly reliable in the past, is that the proposed US military strike on Iran is unlikely to go ahead in the immediate future.

This is not for any lack of desire on the part of the US, however. Nor is it for any lack of persuasion from the Neocons either. Rather, we are informed that the US military simply has too much on its hands in Iraq to open up another front in the “War on Terror”.

Thus, for the time being at least, a US military strike on Iran has been put on hold.

Although not an “insider” in any conventional sense, our source has a proven track record.

Over ten years ago he predicted that Britain and America would invade Iraq. At the time his prediction seemed completely outlandish but he was proven right; just as he was also proven correct when foresaw the current bloody quagmire in Iraq.

So we asked him about recent speculation over an impending US assault on Iran.

His answer was that it would not happen, at least not in the immediate future.

This has been further substantiated by the latest Voice of the White House posting, which states quite clearly that the US military’s current situation in Iraq is “so precarious that we couldn’t invade Tijuana.”

This has a number of serious implications. First of all, it means that Iran can now take delivery off and install potent new weapons systems from Russia. Tehran already has a powerful military and with the new weapons from Russia it will be all the more formidable.

It also means that Iran can develop its nuclear capability still further.

So Iran will not be another Iraq. It will be a much more daunting foe, as our friend informs us that a US led attack on Iran is still very much on the cards. The question being not so much if it will occur but when.

Moreover, the longer the wait the wait for this conflict, the more powerful and formidable Iran will be become. And consequently, the bigger and more all embracing the final clash.

So we could be in line for a real “Clash of Civilisations”, with Islam and Russia on the one hand, and the nominally Christian west and Israel on the other.

Finally, our friend cautions not to trust Putin. While he is arming and supplying Iran, says our friend, the Russian leader is as much a pawn of the Illuminati as George Bush or Tony Blair. And like these two criminals, he’s playing his part in preparing a crime against humanity that will echo for centuries to come.

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Apology to Readers: Postscript
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