Masters, Mechanisms and Meaning

Visible Origami – February 15, 2012

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I’d like to talk about Masters today. There are a lot of misconceptions about what that term actually means. There’s also a lot of misconception about types of Masters; grades of Masters, what they do and don’t do and their delivery systems. This also includes the personality aspect and the wide range of behaviors from conservative to off the charts looney tunes. There are Masters from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions; Masters from the Western Mystery Tradition, which includes esoteric Christianity. There are shamanic Masters, Sufi masters and masters who don’t reveal their genealogy or even give you their name. Zen Buddhist masters swat you with bamboo canes. Some of them take all of the wrinkles out of your life and some of them put wrinkles into your life. Some make you comfortable and give you ease and some make you very uncomfortable and remove the bottom from your containment vessel. There are Masters designed for all personality quadrants. On the dark side and in the area of passions and desires there are Masters too; Dungeon masters, Slave masters, all of them generally Ass masters, because at all levels, submission and surrender are the key and levels of trust are the gradients for moving deeper in or further out.
I’m making no judgments on what people get into but I will tell you that you push in any direction and you will encounter a Master, tailored to the dimensions of your needs. In Kali Yuga you will find that many people are engaged in some kind of Top and Bottom sexual dynamic, seeking release due to their residence in a world of bondage.
The essential reality of it is that there is only One Master, ever. The power of any particular ‘master vehicle’ is directly tied to their level of being engaged with The Presence. There are two directions; two universes of experience and expression. These are simplistically referred to as the right and left hand path. In the more ancient traditions, these are considered legitimate choices and the same god is at the end of either, though the persona and presence are definitely different. Good and Evil are not relevant in the generally accepted definitions. On the one hand is the drive and desire for liberation. On the other hand you have the world of magic and both are fueled by sexual force. You may be certain that extreme measures of sacrifice and denial exist on both sides. You receive to the degree that you can surrender.
Some Masters are saints. Some are not. There are many degrees and stations. Some people are considered Masters because they possess powers. You will especially see this sort of thing in this kind of an age. Some Masters possess all of the powers and don’t even exercise them; RamaKrishna was such a one. He passed his powers on to Vivekananda without ever having used them. One should not be impressed by the demonstrated powers of any so-called master, rather be impressed by what you don’t see.
Some Masters come across as crazy. I know of one tale about the fellow who wrote “Cutting through Spiritual Materialism” who went into a biker bar with some followers, drank a lot of beer and behaved like a wild man at the pool table, even tearing the felt with his cue stick, in a bar filled with violent men and nothing happened. I’m not a Master but I’ve pulled that off a few times, though I never tore the felt. Of course, he was an Eastern cat and probably had less respect for the game of Pool than I do (grin).
Master is a catchall term. Some are channels for Masters (some Masters are channels; one might say, all of them) and experience a relative degree of Presence that deepens and broadens as it goes. There are Masters of forms and Masters of no form. There are performing Masters and non performing Masters and all Masters are subject to the whims and inexplicable imperatives of The One. Some have fallen from very high places and sometimes that is through no fault but only for ‘the purpose of demonstration’. Some are tormented for the same purpose, as in the story of Job. One shouldn’t try to understand what Masters do and don’t do. One should simply absorb, because The Presence is active and everything is going on behind the scenes. It can be hard to comprehend the behavior and circumstances of Masters such as Sai Baba, Osho, Bubba Free John (AKA adi da) and Muktananda. Only the divine knows the ins and outs of it all. I say, if they work for you, good. Results are what counts. If you get something useful, you are ahead. If something confuses you or puts you off, discard it. Take only the useful stuff. Everything happens for a reason but we often don’t know what the reason is. This can be confusing.
Masters have different techniques for exposing the deeper truths about a person to that person. Since their methods are not mainstream, often enough, it can be perplexing as to what is actually going on. Results are what counts. Masters know how to get the Gila Monster to climb out from under the rock, or how to release latent possibilities from the soul and substance of the ones in which they lie sleeping. They are in the position to submit the chela’s needs and concerns to the ineffable. They are a medium of passage and should be seen as that; not some kind of be all and end all. They are not. It is exceedingly rare for the ineffable to walk around, complete, in a physical state. Generally, the ineffable operates, as a partial, through agencies, powers, principalities, whatever it pleases the ineffable to operate through. The slightest whim of the ineffable is immediately a reality.
We exist in different dimensions of time weight. Due to this, the movement of the ineffable on our behalf, takes place within the framework of our time weight. For some this means 4th class and parcel post. For some it is Fed Ex or better. Time is a form of gravity and a lot of people are ‘doing time’. One might think that we are trapped in a sequence of tremendous distance and lifetimes. This is not so. Instantaneous ascension is always a possibility, depending on various things; “success is speedy for the energetic”.
An agent of a Master is the same as The Master. When Jesus sent his disciples abroad, he sent them in his name. Anyone who claims to be a master and not a servant, is neither. Anyone who is not humble as dirt, has not grasped the reality of their situation. Anyone not consumed by gratitude, has not grasped the reality of their situation. Anyone who is not motivated to serve the ineffable at every opportunity, has not grasped the reality of their situation. I could go on and on in this vein.
There are a few essential principles that every seeker must grasp. One is that they will never, not ever, comprehend the ineffable, or be able to predict how the ineffable might behave or respond to them. Another thing is that the ineffable ALWAYS has your best interests at heart, no matter how it looks. Also, something to consider is that the moment you ask for anything, it is going into manifestation in some way. “Faith is the substance of things unseen”. If you are not always and in perfect time, getting everything you could wish for, there is something wrong with you, or with the way you see things. The major stumbling blocks to overcome are the resistances in the subconscious and amateur hour with the creative imagination. This is what reliance and surrender are all about and, as usual, it’s not what most people think. Conscious surrender and reliance are good as far as they go but the whole point is to get the subconscious engaged in the process and that is what the repeated hammering of the self conscious mind upon it; through repetition, chanting, meditation and the rest are all about. Once the understanding of surrender and reliance, as an imperative, have been firmly planted into the subconscious, the secret gateways open and the infinite is on hand for transmutation of the vehicle and for performance and demonstration. Until that occurs, results are haphazard at best. After that, results are automatic and dictated according to the inexplicable will of the ineffable. You may not always appreciate the manner and means of this but you will invariably appreciate the results.
Everyone of us is at some point in the process of realized Godhead. First the rock, then the plant, the animal, the human and then the God. Of course, it is to be understood that is is possible not everyone achieves this. Some become demons, some matriculate into the Devic Realm, although that is a rare event; given that they are different paths entirely, but some insist on it and the means to attain it are there. We live in a universe of infinite possibility; limitless possibility. The human condition is much like the flowering of a tree or a bush. Some bud and bloom early. Some bloom late and some blooms do not open. I know there are schools of thought that say we will all attain to the same level of awareness and liberation. This is not so. It would ruin the effect of the whole drama. We are all a part of the divine and to the divine we will return, each according to the weights and measures of the almighty.
Masters have masters. The complexity of this subject is beyond the scope of this posting or several books and some of it cannot ever be put into books. Our recorded resources work only so far. None of the sciences, teachings and schemes, will take us to the final goal. At a certain point we can only be guided by the conscious light. We have to meet that light and the introduction has to be made. After that you can take it off your mind. All of our efforts up to that point, are only to take the meeting and to galvanize the goddess in the muladhara and to climb the spiral staircase into the undefinable absolute. What follows the inception of the process is different for everyone but it is always under control and the opportunity is there for all and the potential is resident in all. We are the sum total of the choices made. Many blessings and many greetings at the meeting of the waters.
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