Apology to Readers: Postscript

A couple of points regarding Apology to Readers. First I wrote that a frequent contributor to this website, Henry Makow, is having his website blocked in China.

Well, a Chinese reader has just informed me that Henry’s articles are still available via google.cn. Which is good news, not only for Henry and his Chinese readers but also for this writer who regularly visits mainland China.

Although I wrote that a US led attack on Iran may never happen, instinct informs me that something is building, even though it may not happen immediately but in the months and years ahead.

So while the latest Voice of the White House February 27, 2006 makes perfect sense when it says that the US is not going to attack Iran because its forces are already so overstretched in Iraq. That doesn’t mean it will never happen. Because, far from being disinformation from Washington, as the Voice seems to imply, reports of an impending US attack on Iran are also coming from a variety of other sources outside the US: including the Israeli press, the German press and Russain analysts.

Although it is perfectly reasonable to assume that an overstretched US military is reluctant to attack Iran, the people controlling US foreign policy, and therefore the “War on Terror” and by extension America’s military might, are not reasonable themselves. In fact, together with Dick Cheney, many of the Neocons seem seriously unbalanced from whom anything can be expected.

So, for now this writer will keep his options open in the hope that he is wrong about an impending strike on Iran.

But even if nothing happens in the coming months, the global power balance is shifting subtlety with the emergence of another nuclear capable Muslim power. Moreover, unlike Musharref’s Pakistan, Amadinejad’s Iran is proving far less amenable to Western approach. So that at some stage confrontation and maybe full blown military conflict is on the cards.

It may not happen next week or next month but in the coming months and years a full-on military clash, the fabled “Clash of Civilisations” between Islam and the West, seems almost inevitable.

Of course nothing is written in stone and it may never happen. But the people controlling events are pushing for a clash between Islam and the nominally Christian West; leading ultimately to the destruction of the Zionist state and an all encompassing world war.

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