Voice of the White House February 27, 2006

“The so-called ‘Lincoln Group’ has been exposed as having planted numerous official DoD fictions in the foreign press. It is also known that they, and others, have been busy planting the same lies in the domestic press.

One of these is the oft-“leaked” information that the U.S. is planning to bomb or invade Iraq because we are concerned that they are going to obtain an atomic weapon “in about ten years.”

First of all, we are not going to bomb nor invade Iran. Our current military situation is so precarious that we couldn’t invade Tijuana.

Israel, who wants us to fight their wars for them, is actually terrified that Iran might have such a bomb (and it is indeed known that they have the ability to deliver an atomic warhead to Tel Aviv or, even more interestingly, the Green Zone in Baghdad,) and wants nothing to do with further agitation against Tehran for fear that it could cause them to launch an preemptive attack.

The fictional “ten year” bomb is an attempt to placate the American people and nothing else. A number of American intelligence reports circulating around the Beltway indicate, with some unanimity, that the Iranians have at least one warhead, supplied either directly or indirectly by Russia or Pakistan.

Since the Iranian launching facilities are numerous and scattered, a preemptive American or Israeli bombing attack would be a pure crap shoot and like finding a needle in a haystack.

If we missed our target, and the presumption is that we would, the retaliation would be terrible to contemplate. As a result, the feeble-minded Bush people are now trying to get everyone else in the world to go after Iran while issuing faked stories about bombing raids and invasions.

There are always many who believe any propaganda issued by a government, no matter how fatuous it is on the surface but the Iranians, Russians and the rest of the Muslim world pay no attention to our clever attempts to brilliantly fool them, knowing how impossible it is in fact.

Faked “tapes” from top bin Laden people or even from the long-deceased bin Laden himself have as much credibility as one of Bush’s “trust me” babbles or even the notorious “Orange Alert” days they have put back into the closet as being too unbelievable for any one but the remaining Pentecostal and proto-fascist diehard supporters of the dying regime.

Putin, in his quiet way, has been methodically improving Russia’s world position while at the same time, waging a very successful economic warfare against Bush.

Because Putin has ousted the Jewish oligarchs from the control of vital Russian oil and gas reserves, naturally, the American media bleats about Putin’s lack of respect for the civil rights of others.

How this administration, with its official torture policies and illegal domestic spying can dare to criticize any country as being undemocratic or in gross violations of the civil rights of their people is an exercise in gross hypocrisy.

America is running out of suppliers of oil and gas at an astonishing rate as more and more oil producing countries are finding other markets. That Putin has a hand in this is without a doubt and certainly explains the loud bleating about his “bad civil rights record.”

That will not get us the oil we need and when the cost of a gallon of gas or heating oil soars upwards, Bush and his people can then look for the Eskimos or the Australian Aborigines to blame for their own appalling incompetence and pig headed stupidity.”

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