America is Being Destroyed from Within

Agendas involving government deceit and covert operations conducted in order to further a secret agenda are often called conspiracy theories. For this reason, the first thing I want to do is provide an accurate definition of this terminology. A Conspiracy is simply two or more people joining in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or an act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement. By this definition, many conspiracies have existed throughout history.

The Watergate scandal for example, was a conspiracy involving at least seven employees of Richard Nixon’s re-election committee, who conspired to burglarize and wiretap the Democratic Party’s National Committee offices. The intent was to ensure that Richard Nixon was re-elected and undermine anti-war sentiment in the Democratic Party and the incident developed into a political scandal of unprecedented magnitude. Watergate represents one example demonstrating that conspiracies exist and indeed are not uncommon.

A theory, on the other hand, is a belief that is not yet supported by evidence. Once a piece of evidence emerges, the theory becomes a possibility. The more evidence that is uncovered, the more possible the theory becomes until eventually it becomes probable or is even proven to be factual.

Now imagine a powerful empire with a large and advanced military force. Imagine that someone wants to destroy that empire, but lacks the military means to do so or is not willing to incur the loss that would be assured in an outright military war. What means could be used to weaken the empire to the point where it could be easily defeated? Would it be effective to publicly announce the objective, clearly articulate the means by which it would be accomplished and then go about doing it? This would of course not be the most effective tactic. Infiltration and covert operations would be a much more effective tactic in this scenario and are exactly the tactics being used to destroy America today.

In this series of 16 short articles, I intend to enumerate the exact means being employed to weaken America to the point where she will be easily toppled and absorbed, expose the conspirators who are implementing this agenda, and identify the reason they want to destroy America in the first place. I will do this by discussing the following aspects of this complex and evil agenda:

• Wealth Confiscation Through Fiat Currency
• Unsecured Borders and the Flood of Illegal Immigrants
• The Left/Right Paradigm and how it is Used to Create the Illusion of Opposition
• Trade Agreements and how they are Used to Weaken the Economy
• The True Purpose of Wars of Aggression
• The So Called “Patriot” Act and Other Usurpations of Liberty
• The Role of the Department of Homeland Security in the Agenda
• Blind Patriotism or Nationalism and how it is Used to Manipulate People
• Gun Control and the True Reason for Disarming the Population
• Abandoning the Constitution While Maintaining the Appearance of Embracing it
• People are Lulled and Distracted Into a State of Utter Complacency
• The Complicity of Corporate Controlled Mainstream Media
• Secretive Organizations and how They Place People who will Further their Agenda in Positions of Power
• The New World Order and its Objectives
• Our Responsibility to Expose and Oppose This Agenda
• The Only Real Solution to the Dilemma we Face

The most important point I intend to make in this series of articles is that this agenda and the battle we face, both as individuals and as a nation, is spiritual in nature. If we fail to comprehend that truth, we have no hope of victory and will become enslaved in the emerging tyrannical system. This enslavement will be accomplished primarily through the use of deception and lies at first and later by outright force.

Physical events and conditions are often merely manifestations of the spiritual battle that is taking place all around us. A spiritual problem demands a spiritual solution and that solution can only be found in the person of The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the embodiment of truth. Only through His power and righteousness can we be victorious in this spiritual battle and overcome the evil tyranny that is raising its head.