The Currency of Lies on the Information Highway

Smoking Mirrors – February 13, 2012

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They are banging the drums for a Syrian genocide. Whoever it is that CONTROLS THE PRESS is largely behind this. Well, you wouldn’t even know about it otherwise, would you? When certain elements want to call attention to their version of things (scrolling down to the graph should suffice), they use the information highway. They back those big lorries up to the loading docks and news that is tailored for the East Coast, heads in that direction and news intended for anywhere else, according to the subjective qualities of the residents, is shipped in whatever direction. What they do is very important to them because their profit and continuance depends on it. They have gone to a lot of trouble to form a general mindset which automatically vindicates them, regardless of what horrors they can and do get up to.
There are basically three kinds of people on the planet, in terms of those who can be affected by mind control. There are those who believe whatever they are told and there are those who question what they are told. Then there are those who pay little or no attention, whatever their reasons may be. The reptile overlords do not have to be concerned about everyone believing what they tell them. They only need be concerned about a desired amount being influenced, in order to carry out the policies they wish to see implemented. These days, not even that is important because they just say and do whatever they want to do and then they explain it to the coalition of the willingly duped.
Life takes work. Some work at it and some do not. Some consume as an avocation and some only eat to live, rather than living to eat. This is a critical line of demarcation. If you are in the first group you can be easily led in ‘any’ direction that you believe your satisfaction lies in. If you are in the second group, you know to some degree, that these people do not have your best interests in mind. Since their chief interest is self interest, which they demonstrate daily, it stands to reason that your interests don’t come into the picture, except as lures and incremental rewards for being a good doggie.
Let us take a metaphysical glance at this reptile, serpent, snake thing. The serpent is a symbol for the radiant energy of life and it feeds on itself. It’s always there, whether it be kinetic or potential. This is the force that simultaneously results, all over the planet, in either bondage or liberation. Those who have this force awakened in them, sooner or later come to a crossroads where a choice must be made as to how one will apply this force. Depending on the quality of the luminosity of the age, the percentages move in one direction or the other. Since this is THE PRIMARY FORCE in existence; and physicists will tell you the same thing, it has many avenues of expression open to it. The basic argument that goes on and on in two different mindsets is whether this force is conscious or not. That is the sole determinant of whether one has a spiritual bent or is a materialist. You don’t have to be an exponent of the common definition of materialist to be a materialist. All that is required is that you do not believe this force is conscious.
Okay, this force has two main applications. Let’s call them self interest and liberation. In the one case it will stop at a certain floor of the apartment building and it will operate there. Some practitioners can move between several floors. Certain floors are cut off to them because of the nature of their intent. No floors are cut off for the other practitioners, nor do they behave in similar fashion.
The people oppressing everyone else, are using this force in a particular manner and they have a magical tradition that is employed in the exercise of their activities. They well understand the necessity of the control of the currency. This grants control of everything else upon which the transfer of currency depends. If you control the currency and the information highway, you control the world, or you think you do. Once again it comes back to whether you think a particular force is conscious or not. Nothing I am saying here is in dispute with mainstream physicists.
If this force is conscious then it is conscious in everything, latently or kinetically; awakened or unawakened, conscious or unconscious. If that is the case, no destiny, or the final result of any ambition is ever in doubt. This is why I say that life is for the purpose of demonstration. You are observing the logical and inevitable outcome of self interest run riot. You are watching the outworking of the destiny of disinterest and every kind of interest. You are watching the destiny of nations and leaders, outworking like a mathematical formula.
When a new age comes into being, new powers attend it in the collective consciousness, for the purpose of demonstration. Those new powers are starting to manifest in a small portion of the population at this time. To what degree it will finally come, in the short term, is unknown because the ball is still in play and probability or game theory is operative for those who get a kick out of that sort of thing. There are a lot of different ways to play God but, one thing for sure, people really like to do it, no matter how badly they perform. They believe that results dictate whether something is elegant and beautiful. I call that art for fuck’s sake. In the long term, the majority of humanity will possess these powers as a natural accessory. Those who have hot-housed their growth, already possess these powers to one degree or another.
We get some degree of nihilists, depressives, apathetic chipmunks, doomsday junkies and the various and assorted from the Whitman’s Sampler collection, of negativists, who lack some formula or another to give meaning to what they see and which might provide a means for interpretation. They will limp along and spread bad vibrations, until one day they trip over it, or it lands on their head with enough impact to penetrate into the important part of their being. Everyone is wearing different colored sunglasses but they are all operating under the radiance of the same sun.
I could be way off base about how things are going to turn out. I am not predicting sunshine and trade winds for the planet entire. It could get very mean and ugly in certain places and my observation of the mental and emotional makeup of the inhabitants, tends to indicate that it will get like that because nothing else, of a gentler persuasion, is persuasive. If you keep on marching past all of the signs that say, “The Bridge is out” you will definitely walk right off one kind of cliff or another. When people persist in going the wrong way they will absolutely come to a bad end. That begs the question, which is the right way and which is the wrong way? Obviously, there are a whole lot of wrong ways and it’s likely there are much fewer right ways. Don’t ask me to explain why there isn’t an even balance here. Just imagine you are on the highway and that you can go off the road at any point, via exits, rest stops, the side of the road or whatever countryside lies beyond.
I hear all kinds of theories every day. People send me videos and articles. Most of the time I can’t get around to them. I have an inner mechanism that weighs things. If the weight is off in relation to what is on the other scale, what I am measuring it against, then it’s off, until I learn differently, or come to understand that some higher law applies to my former system of measurement. I say ‘former’ because I am in a constant state of adjustment and if you are not; you are not growing, you are not evolving, you are stuck.
I take my philosophy for existence from the sun. it just shines, period. Of course, I don’t achieve that with any regular consistency at this time but it is a fine ambition. One should note that shining does not always result in positive reactions because it can often shine a light on dark places that resent exposure and which can become remorseless and then, amplify in action, the very conditions and qualities that were exposed. Life can be unpredictable for the unpredictable; word to the wise.
Everyone is responsible for what they consider important to themselves, if only because it affects their behavior and behavior has consequences. Sometimes those consequences are desirable in the face of greater consequences. Everyone has to decide for themselves what they will and will not risk. Given that people risk their lives for worthless things every day, this is just one more of the puzzles that attend the human estate. Another puzzle is why people will accept common and obvious fallacies in place of the obvious alternatives, or why they would accept as truth, something attended by a host of provable lies.
Things have progressed to a different stage now and larger events are imminent. These events are being manipulated by those in control of the currency. However, the manipulators are themselves being manipulated by the one gathering the evidence for their prosecution. It’s either very simple or it’s hopelessly complex. One thing for sure, wherever it appears to be hopelessly complex, someone is involved in making money off of it.
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