Modern Day Vampires

Four men were charged with illegally harvesting and selling dead body tissues from 1077 corpses including that of British broadcaster Allistair Cooke.

The men who worked for a human medical tissue implant company, were charged with conspiracy, unlawful dissection and forgery.

Among other allegations they were said to have made over $2000,000 selling body parts from a Brooklyn funeral home.

Everything from glands eyes organs and particularly bones were sold mainly for hip implants.

After taking bones from bodies they replaced them with plastic pipes,

Since the days of Victorian body snatchers Burke and Hare, medical practitioners have used the dead for experimentation.

The practise is said to be widespread across both the U.S and Britain

The men face a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence