Women Love Gay Men For Shunning Them

by Alexandra Fox – henrymakow.com February 11, 2012

The one explanation missing in Why Do Women Love Gay Men? is how gay men feel about women. They have no respect for them at all.

Gay men are disgusted by women, and that’s why women are attracted to them. Their self-esteem has been so decimated by modern propaganda that they are attracted to people who reflect back to their shattered, self-hating identities.

Gay men for the most part treat women appallingly. Look at the mutated creations they’ve made them into on the catwalks, an ‘ideal’ which now infects the self-esteem of most modern women.

It is gay men who are responsible for the crisis of body image, self esteem and eating disorders plaguing so many women. Yet it is the straight men women blame for ‘oppressing’ them.

Deep down gay men hate women because they are jealous of them – they know how much the men they themselves desire, desire women (almost all gays prefer straight men).

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