Voice of the White House February 20, 2006

“I have been informed recently by three different Beltway people in positions of knowledge, that important Republican backers are afraid that the perceived gross incompetence of the Bush Administration cannot be reversed and will only increase.

Therefore, they have decided that Vice President Dick Cheney must be made the focus of growing public anger directed at the endless and senseless war in Iraq, the rising prices of gasoline, the slumping economy, the very valid perception of the Bush Administration as corrupt and inefficient and must go and that for the next three years, Bush needs to have a moderate and saleable Republican vice president that can effectively run in ’08.

Also, with the Mid-Terms coming up in November, they feel that if Cheney isn’t booted out, now, that the Republicans may well lose one, or both, houses as a result of these elections.

Fear and loss of power is a wonderful motivator.

Cheney is an arrogant shit who pushes the weaker Bush around, pays no attention whatsoever to his staff and does exactly what he pleases, when he pleases.

He was the man behind the disastrous Iraqi war, the torture of prisoners, the subversion of both Georgia and the Ukraine, a strong voice for the invasion and neutralizing of Venezuela, the destruction of Hamas in Palestine, total support for Israel, has pushed frantically for a universal draft and in general has done terrible damage to the image of not only the White House but the country.

He will never abandon his power position voluntarily and will only grow more truculent and domineering as challenges to his person increase so the question now going around the upper circles of Washington and the top Republican leadership in Congress is how to oust this dangerous boor without Cheney fighting back, using inside knowledge that would not only wreck Bush but his administration and the prospects of the Republican party as well.

The growing press attacks on Cheney are being orchestrated by Those On High and in actuality, no one cares if he had a few drinks and then shot his friend at point blank range during a quail hunt. His actions, and those of his staff, immediately after the incident, would lend credence to the strong rumors that Cheney has too much to drink and overreacted to someone running towards him with a weapon. His utter arrogance in not bothering to inform the President or even top White House staff after the incident and his obvious determination to ignore the unfortunate accident is typical of the man. His behavior has reflected negatively, not only on his own character but has made the White House look like it was run by liars, obfuscators and fools.”

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