Bobbing and Weaving and Seeking Relief

Smoking Mirrors – February 10, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Well, let’s try again, shall we? Okay, no extraneous Morris’s. Where’s Neptune? Neptune’s banging against the lead sky like The Goodyear Blimp and I’ve pulled over to the curb to let some of the air out of my head. I haven’t seen shakier and more unpredictable times, like I am seeing at the moment, in a long, long time, Except maybe a few years ago (almost) in Italy. Italy is my Chinatown; “forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown”.
Last night I watched a very attractive young lass, either march or stagger off of the stage on American Idol and drop about six feet to the ground and hit her head. I don’t know what the result was but canny, savvy Fox TV put it on at the very end of the show and followed up with a teaser about seeing how she made out in the next episode. She kind of looked like someone had hit her with a tranquilizer dart. They might have. They certainly would if they could get away with it.
Man, the energy moving around in the atmosphere is something else. I laid down in bed last night and woke up, by my estimate, about a hundred times. If I slept it was in bursts of a few minutes here and there. The lucid dreaming thing is pretty intense and I’m catching boatloads of static or silence for having morphed into Sam Kinneson, instead of Eckhart Tolle. No way am I doing Tolle. I’d collapse into chronic narcolepsy. It would be kind of like being hired to be the lead singer for The Association on their 2012 Don’t Come Back Tour.
Madonna will kick off her next 500 million dollar world tour in Tel Aviv on May 29th, no guarantees that Tel Aviv will still be there but that’s the plan. Artists of all stripes like politicians, under siege from AIPAC, are being hammered on for fealty at the moment; interesting times backstage.
Mid March looms like a pipe bomb in a microwave. There’s no telling though, which way goes the gang aft aglay. Sometimes I get the feeling that we’re all like those polar bears on individual ice floes. We are close enough to exchange greetings but independently adrift on some cosmic recognizance. The Czech is in the mail.
I think we’re all getting a little winded on the evolutionary StairMaster. One keeps climbing but doesn’t actually get to the top of anything. Group murder sprees are accelerating. Many days, you have one on the front page of the virtual paper. People are hitting frustration levels never seen before. It’s becoming, “dark as a dungeon way down in the mine”. I can just imagine the large number of parents out there who are trying to keep it together, while the 1% are taking it apart. The costs of everything keeps going up, while the sense of security and continuity keeps going down. It’s easy to see why here and there people are freaking out. People are also doing all kinds of bad things they might not have imagined were possible for them before but all kinds of deep and dark cravings are being dragged out into the light.
It’s uncertain within and unsafe without, or that is the reading I am getting. The principle difficulty seems to be having nothing to rely on besides one’s own powers of industry and perception. I have got to be one of the luckiest men in the world in respect of this condition. I’ve always assumed it was readily available to the industrious and persistent but I don’t really know anything, do I?
You never know what you’re going to find when you scratch the surface of people. Wild beasts, indeed may lurk beneath the Botox mask and characteristics never imagined, can leap into action in these strange and hard to fathom times. There are a great many things going in a great many directions and some lumbering beasts trying to run under yoke in a particular direction. You figure there has to be a game plan and some leeway given for collateral damage, as well as general and basic survival but I can’t see anything. The really bad guys are certifiably insane. They are committed and should be committed. A swarm of bats is flying over the Cuckoos nest but most of them are flying down into a hole in the Cuckoos nest.
This morning I got up and then went and laid down again in my office. There was this burning sensation in my heart and it was a little disturbing at first because I didn’t know what was happening. Then it occurred to me that what was happening was something I had been putting in repeated requests for. Following that, my body is now clenching and unclenching, almost like what a cat does or how you can tense up, in a good way, following a full body yawn. It’s of a longer duration and a greater clenching that I’ve encountered before. I don’t know what to make of it; just go along with it as I have had to do with so many things in recent times.
I know there has to be some aspects of this 2012 thing that is real. The accuracy of The Mayan calender and all of the other companion sciences that are under investigation and being studied around the world, give indication of serious portents. Meanwhile, here we find ourselves on the doorstep of World War 3, just as you might expect at the end of any particular calender age in Kali Yuga.
Millions of seriously overweight Christians, are lining up for The Rapture, where they are going to get an ascend assist from one of God’s hydraulic forklifts. In the times of holy wars, sanity will have left the building. You can do things in the name of God that you would never even consider getting Satan engaged in. It has gotten pretty absurd and ridiculous. The ‘whip ’em into a frenzy’ preachers are herding their flocks, under the direction of those who set policy for the underclass. They’re herding them somewhere and it’s likely that no one has a clue. Young Christian canon fodder moves very swiftly from praising Jesus and asking him to pass the ammunition, to pissing on Taliban corpses, or just any available corpses in the neighborhood. It’s not like there’s some kind of shortage.
I come in here or there, most days, not knowing what I’m going to say and these days that is more unpredictable than ever. I try to set my mind in a receptive state at the beginning and try to channel whatever the message is from inner space. However, lately it’s been like shopping in one of those enormous dollar stores or box stores, where you can’t find most of what you are looking for but you do come across a whole lot of things you weren’t looking for.
If it gets much more intense than it already is, I’m going to have to go sit in the sauna for some while. That seems to do the trick, so far anyway. I try to imagine what it is like on the streets of any American city these days. I know it’s not like the parts of Europe that I live in, where there’s zero police presence and entire families are not getting massacred on a routine basis. Food is plentiful and cheap and people go around as I assume they have for hundreds of years, just doing their thing and being mostly pleasant about it. I remember walking into American bars, clubs and so forth and immediately looking for where the trouble would be located. I’ve never run into that over here. That’s where I have a bit of a disconnect about the whole thing. They say Europe is going down and it will drag the rest of The West down with it. That means there are some pretty slimy characters at work over here too. I just don’t happen to see them.
I’m trying to think of things to say but I don’t know what to tell you. It’s all murky and incomplete, shot full of a heightened giddiness that vibrates things like a water tumbler on a table. Someone recently said that we only have 26 days to live. That was a few days ago. I don’t know what to think about that. It doesn’t seem likely but, I wouldn’t know. Existence has been threatening and promising a whole lot of things but simply hobbles on by like a man with a permanent limp. Maybe that’s how it goes, existence limping into the future, until it becomes a speck on the horizon, or aliens come out of the sky with knives and forks and napkins. Whatever it is that we don’t know is going to happen, gets closer by the day and we should see something shortly, whatever it is.
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