Biometrics: Psychopath’s Wet Dream

Chris Goodmenbetter – February 9, 2012

What sort of mind needs to know absolutely everything about complete strangers, and to what end?
Clinically diagnosed psychopaths, those classified as biologically incapable of remorse, empathy or conscience from birth, are responsible for human suffering throughout history.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI / SPECT) scans of a psychopaths’ brain reveal a lack of activity in areas responsible for spirituality, morals and ethics.
Psychopaths don’t share these traits with other humans and use it to their advantage. The psychopath is a self-serving ego which simply does not care about his deceptive, thieving and recklessly destructive ways. Only he matters.


Popular psychopathic stereotypes are mistakenly limited to the serial killer. While all serial killers are psychopaths, very few psychopaths are serial killers. They are far more commonplace in society than previously thought.
Researcher Thomas Sheridan estimates that clinical psychopaths comprise about 4% of the population. Their distribution is not gender specific or limited to social strata.
Further, Sheridan explains that a secondary demographic exhibiting psychopathic traits exists. He assigns the term ‘proto-psychopath’ (learned or manufactured psychopathic personalities arising from upbringing, environment or training ). Unlike clinical psychopaths, these individuals (some employed as soldiers and police for example) can redeem their humanity through extensive counseling.
A psychopath considers other individuals as a literal ‘human resource’ to be used and discarded. Psychopaths, also known as inter-species predators,  can lie with absolute impunity and are naturally obsessed with hierarchy. It should come as little surprise that they gravitate to and thrive in the areas of government, big business and high finance.
A psychopath’s reward, much like a heroin addict’s fix, is to exploit other individuals (or entire organizations.) Even the World would not be enough to satisfy a psychopath.


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