To Rely Upon on the Ineffable

Visible Origami – February 9, 2012

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Well, sometimes I am clueless and some amount of time will pass before I become clueful. Such is the case today. Today I taped an hour and a half radio show with Robert Phoenix. It will air this Friday at 10:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time. Robert is a gifted and competent astrologer and there was this resonance going on. By that I mean I sensed we were in telepathic contact and I was able to subliminally receive information about a particular planet, while we were talking about other things. I know this sounds kind of strange but strange is the order of the moment for me these days. The last six weeks have been ozone country.
I’ve been trying to figure out why. I was doing it subjectively. I was looking at my mind and my emotions for some sign of what was tossing me around like a Raggedy Ann and looking in the wrong place. Robert tells me there has been significant solar flares of late; certainly that is a factor but it’s Neptune who is the culprit. As soon as it entered into my mind, everything fell into place. I didn’t see the real significance of it until I was talking to Robert and it didn’t actually dawn until I had hung up. It’s been running around in my mind for a couple of days, like an abstraction. It was there but I wasn’t there or everything was in place but so was cognitive dissonance. It’s like you look right at something but you can’t see it. Maybe the time isn’t right. Maybe you’re not right and then, it all comes together.
The whole of my every day is composed of constant reminders that I have to sink into a state of complete and utter reliance upon the good will of the cosmos. If I do, the passage is effortless. If I don’t, the passage can be problematic. It sounds simple but there’s a technical problem. You can only let go to a certain extent. The final stages have to be accomplished for you. Sometimes it can come about through an epiphany. Sometimes it can come through trauma and sometimes it’s an act of grace or the outworking of karma. It can be accelerated, possibly, by faith, certitude and determination.
Many times through the day, I will go to do something and then it occurs to me that I should have asked for permission. This is because I am constantly hearing, “Why didn’t you ask me”? “Why didn’t you come to me”? This is all about developing that reliance. I used to think I was in regular contact with the ineffable but now I see how intermittent it really was. So, I have to apply myself with diligence because I constantly forget to go to the ineffable for every single thing. That is how that special reliance gets developed. Partial and occasional reliance are just not effective. It’s like going to church on Sunday, having done your duty for the week. The body is a church and the presence is constant. The awareness of the indwelling has to be activated. You might think of the process as a kind of self tazering. You bring your attention to your attention. It’s kind of like awareness of awareness. You practice this as the first principle of your existence. You not only have to get the mind’s attention, you also have to keep it. The mind is unruly. It’s been likened to quicksilver. The mind gets you into every problem you have, often in the company of the heart. The mind can get you out of every problem, with the assistance of the heart via the inspiration of the ineffable.
Some of you KNOW that the divine is a reality but for some reason the divine seems to be far away, obscure, complicated and not immediately reachable. That’s the mind playing games again. The mind wants to play God and can’t effectively do that if God is on the scene. The mind doesn’t understand that it can mirror God and so, it can effectively be God to the extent that it doesn’t feel denied (grin). The mind has to be convinced of the value of certain things. This is accomplished through reason. Reason is The Emperor and the creative imagination is The Empress. It appears that these two have a dynamic between them that might yield some reward of insight to the inquisitive.
I suppose I knew that Neptune was going to bang me around. Prior to going away on my trip there was this undercurrent of apprehension and uncertainty. Up to the last moment I was not sure I would go. I had received ominous portendings from a couple of astrologers and a ‘good to go’ from another. There was mystery swirling around like inebriated snowflakes. Nor were the snowflakes the only thing that was inebriated. Even the sky appeared to be drunk and uncertain. The sun looked like a tequila sunrise and The Queen Mother is as pickled as a sour dill in her mausoleum. Whoa! What happened to the post? Is that you again, Neptune?
I want to stay on the reliance factor and the surrendered self. This is particularly important in this time because of the confusion and uncertainty. The continuous act of reliance, will dispel confusion and uncertainty. It may be that these things are in place to force or assist in reliance. These troubled times make the soul cry out for succor and the divine is at hand. The divine is more present in these times than has been the case in a long time. This is why there is such a powerful presence of distraction, to take the attention away from the other presence. God is very close in these hours and much more easily reachable. Chaos and an avalanche of the trivial and superficial are rolling up around our ears and before our eyes, with the single intention of keeping our minds off of the ineffable, who is internally broadcasting 24/7. The impact of the world of noise drowns out the still, small voice.
Some of us have broken free of this relentless war being waged by appearances against essence. It is possible to hear that voice. For me it was intermittent for a long time. After the initial awakening, there would be brief bursts and sometimes longer periods over longer periods. Often the voice would come on the advent of difficult times in my life; encouraging me and telling me to endure, sometimes, often, not letting me know what was coming up. Then, a few years ago I began to get regular visits. This began to happen around the time I first met Ganesha and Italy became a factor. Then came a period of walks in Southern Italy where I began to hear, “Rely on me. Rely on me absolutely. You will anyway. You have no choice”. Then, earlier in the last year, the voice became a steady presence and has continued to continue to increase in clarity and believability.
What I mean by believability is of singular importance. Some of the things I have been told in recent times seem to be too fantastic to be true. As much as I would really like to believe them, I have a rule against fooling myself and this caused a certain unease in my communications. Thankfully, the voice proved out in many small ways and even some big ways. What hasn’t happened yet can’t be proven yet but the voice was kind enough to give me a basis for trust so that I could be willing to accept what I hear.
Much of what gets written here, resonates with a wide spectrum of the readers and this reaffirms the voice as well. There’s reaffirmation to be had on all sides but neither the heart or the mind has sufficient resources to engage in deep and abiding faith in many cases. This has to be overcome. A very effective way of dealing with this is to see the ineffable in all things because it happens to be true; to see the hand of the divine in every instance and episode of your life. I was explaining this to someone earlier. Let us say that you are walking to the supermarket, much as I do most days. Everything you see and hear has been placed exactly so, for the purpose of demonstration. A dog barks. Three birds fly across the sky. Cars pull in and out of the lot. Certain people are in the store. Everyone and everything you see is exactly where it is for a very good reason. It’s all under control. I was directly told this a number of times, that everyone I saw was where they were for specific reasons. Everyone on the train and everyone in the hotel was there on purpose. Every thought that rises in the mind, every emotion in the heart is just another part of the divine dealing with the soul.
Reliance leads to the visceral understanding that everything is under control.. Reliance and surrender make it possible to see the true meaning of ‘for the purpose of demonstration’ in everything. Until this reliance becomes like a continuing reflex, certain portions of the mystery of life cannot be revealed. Reliance is critical to the whole ball of wax. You can think of it as the wick in the candle. A great many things rely on reliance. It becomes your most valuable possession in times like these, where the dire potentials and woo woo have gone off the charts.
There is no force in the universe more powerful than the divine. It is the primary motive force and nothing moves, except that it does so through borrowed force from the divine. The divine has the entire creation under control at all times. Comprehending this is not as important as believing it. If the divine has all this power and control then where does that place you, if you are in the hands of the divine and reliant on the divine? Who or what could possibly harm or intimidate you, if you are under the protection of the divine, as a result of being reliant on the divine? Mere shadows and temporal wraiths have no power against the divine. All the armies of the world, with all of their weapons, are nothing to the divine or his/her agents. This is what comes from relying on the divine.
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