Voice of the White House February 16, 2006

About a month ago, I was contacted by an individual who told me that they had “hundreds of tapes” they had made of private, cell-phone conversations across the country, from 2002 until present.

Last weekend I listened to approximately 20 tapes out of close to 500, played to me over the telephone (I have never met the owners) . They had gathered their information from: New York City, Westchester County in New York, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, McLean, Vienna, Annadale, Tyson’s Corner and Arlington in Virginia, Potomac and Bathesda in Maryland, and, of course, the District of Columbia, Miami, Jacksonville and Naples in Florida, Dallas,, Austin, Houston and Ft. Worth in Texas, various areas in southern Arizona, San Francisco, Mountain View, Malibu, Hollywood, Playa del Ray, San Diego and Sacramento in California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

These conversations, which are unidentified as to speaker or telephone number, range from sexually idiotic dribblings through various possible (though unspecific) criminal activities to include conversations about murder, kidnappings and extortions, adultery, sexual depravity, (“I want you to beat me and put cigarettes out on my nipples!”) theft, embezzlement, and, of course, gross political corruption.

Since it is probable that such taping is probably illegal (or quickly would be made so by a terrified Congress,) I told them I regretted that I could not accept nor have anything to do with these, but suggested that they could edit them for interest and put them out on CDs for their own considerable enrichment and the edification of the public.

I, and a growing number of others, feel that unless the public (the ultimate victims) know what is really happening, the Bush fascists will have free reign to enforce their criminal rules to prevent public rebellion.

Making CDs is very easy and very cheap and if a national marketer would not be interested, it is obvious that they could also produce and distribute them from abroad.

Although the parties are not specifically identified, in a number of cases, positions and ranks are certainly mentioned, I am positive that the speakers will recognize their own voices as will others. I would imagine that if they follow through on their production and distribution plans, there will be wet seats all across corporate, political, military and high society America. I can just hear someone say, “Why Maudie, that sounds just like you and Dr. Carstairs! Has Ben heard these?,” or, “That must be Senator ***** but is that his niece? My God, she’s only eleven!.” Or even more interesting, “That certainly sounds like Dr. *** *********, doesn’t it? My wife and I listen to his inspirational religious program every Sunday. Why his secretary must be sixty if she’s a day! I can’t imagine him saying things like that, can you? And he’d probably have a stroke if he ever tried to do those disgusting things.”

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are and in this case, the assumption by “important” governmental or corporate entities that either their private cellphone system is “totally secure,” which it certainly isn’t, or that no one can hear them, is completely in error.

I did tell the tape people that if it were illegal and they were pulled in on it, to tell the Grand Inquisitor that they got the tapes from a good friend on the inside at NSA or personally from Judge Chertoff. Actually the NSA is the better choice since they have been doing this for years, long before Bush and Cheney arrived on the scene, and Chertoff is on the way out.

The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Manchester Guardian, the San Francisco Chronicle and many other news organs would doubtlessly like to lay their hands on these forthcoming CDs and a new parlor game in the newsrooms, and across America, would be “Guess the Name!.”

Swift was too kind in his appraisal of humanity, I have to say after listening to only a fraction of these.

Is there a lesson to be learned in all of this? Certainly, but it is too obvious to state: Shut your mouth, clean up your act and get on with your life.”

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