Winston Churchill & the Rothschild Connection

Britain’s war fleet of fighting ships, just prior to W.W.1 was about to go over to the newly invented diesel engine which was designed to run on vegetable oils, this would have brought huge benefits to Britain’s farming communities and work to the nations unemployed labourers.

Churchill, who lobbied before W.W.1 for Britain to go over to middle east oil fuelled war ships, was funded by Rothschild to the extent that Rothschild’s bank loaned Britain huge war loans, and put Churchill into the admiralty as first sea lord, to lobby both for war and to buy the middle east oil from Rothschild sources, in addition to accepting Rothschild’s loans for armaments.

The Money Changers in the Temple

After World War I ended in 1918, Rothschild brought in the rule that from new silver coins minted from 1920 the full silver content was diluted down to half silver; this was brought in after discussions at the Masonic temple meetings by the Rothschild banking syndicate.

These same bankers also dictated the Versailles treaty, where large chunks of wealth, land and artworks were taken from Germany in reparations. The harshness of this treaty was largely the cause of the second world war, when Hitler demanded it all back for German people..

Britain used the minor Polish non aggression treaty as an excuse for entering the war against Germany, when our own intelligence services said, our main enemy was Russia. British Intelligence analysts actually advised Churchill to allow the war between Russia and Germany to go ahead , making it easier for Britain to deal with the eventual winner.

Remember in 1951 we had a major grade one non aggression pact with Tibet against Chinese aggression, and when the Chinese armies were committing atrocities in Tibet, we had a few letters of disgust in the times newspaper and that was it, we did nothing.

The Polish treaty was just an excuse for Churchill to call another war.

Likewise the Balfour agreement had its origins again with Rothschild demands. Under Rothschild patronage Churchill again became first sea lord and prime minister for W. W. II where again large huge war loans to bring about a war with Germany were granted by the very people who wanted the war, the banking syndicates, and incidentally Britain only finishes loan interest payments this year 2006. Just in time to start paying them back the war loans for the two gulf wars.

Hitlers own book <>“Mien kampf”<> or my struggle, tells of the clash of the two socialisms, national socialism or Nazism , and the world domination type socialism of the Soviet Union. Britain’s whole government and people wanted no involvement, but as in Tony Blair’s war on Iraq, Churchill brought it about on his own with Jewish owned newspapers trumpeting the propaganda for war.

Just as they did when the recent invasion of Iraq was preceded by seemingly endless stories about Saddam Hussein’s “alleged” Weapons of Mass Destruction. All of which were to prove completely unfounded after the invasion.

The same game plan was used with the silver coinage, because in 1946 a year after wars end, the entire silver content was removed by the banks, in favour of cupro-nickel .

Because in 1948 the Rothschild zionist dream of a country just for Jews was brought about through the acquisition of Palestine. Lord Rothschild and his wife Tess whose codenames in Russian files were listed as spies “David and Rosa” also spied for Israel.

The Jewish branch of my own family gives me access to documentation not available to conventional scholars, and the background conversation to Churchill’s speech at the Cambridge corn exchange on May19 1939, meant he planned to go to war for many years in advance, to assist the Zionist cause, and in 1954 he pressured Sir Anthony Eden to allow Israel into the commonwealth,

Documentation exists today for Israel’s entry into the E.E.C in 2012.

Remember the Haushoffer plan for a united Europe as instigated by Hitler, and displayed in detail in Rudolph Hess’s visit to Britain, was opposed by Churchill and his Zionist paymasters who would bring about a war to stop it, but now Israel wants to be part of Hitler “Haushoffer plan”. Churchill far from being Britain’s greatest Englishman was perhaps its biggest traitor.

T Stokes