Jeff Rense’s Abuse of Power & Trust

Henry Makow Ph.D. – February 8, 2012

No Readers for You!!!

No one has the right to hold our movement hostage, especially not someone with US Secret Service connections.  
Jeff Rense rants about our politicians’ abuses but behaves like a petty tyrant. He postures as a champion of free speech but bans a long list of articles, writers and websites.
He condemns censorship and propaganda but in fact may be controlled opposition. All the while, he grosses over $400,000 a year. (To be fair, he does work 24/7.)
His website is an important center of opposition to the New World Order. In the face of this mortal threat, we expect someone in his position to unite instead of divide us.


I was banned by Rense after a 12-year collaboration for posting this synopsis of Jim’s Stone’s theory about Fukushima on my web site.
Rense didn’t even link to it. As a result, Jeff said he would post my articles  on his site, but would no longer link to my site for me or my freelance contributors. I got half my readers from him, and he knew it.
I make my modest living from advertising and books on my site. Of course, I would not continue to send him my work.
My many contacts and contributors were an important tributary of information flowing into his mighty Amazon. Irrationally, he shut it off. 
Jeff claims to sell $300,000 a year in advertising. He makes another $150,000 from his radio show archives. He pays about $400 a mos to his web provider.
I don’t know if Jim Stone is Jesus Christ-returned or a CIA operative. I do know he made a plausible argument which deserved to be evaluated.  I have a right to make a mistake without being mugged by my supposed  friend and longtime ally.  
This was a minor disagreement, just one of hundreds of important stories Jeff posted by me over the years. Jeff posts stories about UFO’s for Chrissakes.
In his most patronizing tone, he wrote: “ANY story claiming some sabotage or military operation caused the disaster is, OBVIOUSLY, serving the dark side and the nuclear power industry. Nuclear power is destroying the planet.  The entire Pacific is gone as a food source….  I have tried to help you see the bigger picture but I am not succeeding. I can’t refer people to your site anymore.   You are disparaging me and essentially mocking my entire baseline position on this and other areas.”One article out of hundreds? What other areas? (I don’t share his hero-worship of Adolf Hitler. Is he referring to that?)   
He could have sent a rebuttal to Stone’s theory. If he were proven correct, I would have tipped my hat.  Instead, he dumped me and asked if I “had an autographed picture of Abe Foxman in [my] office? You are acting like an arch Zionist now.  Maybe you always were.”  
 (Be sure to read the full article, if only to read how this website has pissed Rense off) Continues at source…

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