In the Time of the Dark Fiends

Smoking Mirrors – February 8, 2012

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I screwed up, this is not the Dick Morris that worked for the Clintons, that explains my befuddlement; talk about Neptune at work. But he looks so much like him, at least I thought he did. Heh heh, oh well, that solves the mystery. Well I can’t rewrite the whole post which I would need to do so please bear with me in my moment of mental delocation. Let’s just pretend it is Dick Morris, no, can’t do that. Since I can’t come up with a good excuse like God made me do it or the dog ate my homework, I’ll leave it to you, the reader to make my excuses for me. Once again, sorry. No less than five readers swamped right in to point it out to me. The guy seems to be well known. I never heard of him. Carry on. I’ll try not to operate any machinery today.

Oh my goodness, look at this. Isn’t this the same guy who used to work for the Clintons and then became one of their biggest enemies? There’s also something about a hooker and The Dick but I don’t remember the details. I imagine that he does though. As I recall, it was big news at the time. I seem to remember that this guy, The Dick Morris LTD was/is a political hatchet man. I wish I could remember the scandal with the hooker because I can’t see where it’s any kind of a big deal when two hookers get together, it’s more like professional courtesy. The political hookers are quite fond of the act of 68; you blow me and I owe you one.
Anyway, what The Dick is saying is riveting and I do not recall any political hack, of any stripe, ever getting close to what The Dick is saying here. It’s more than a little strange that he would be the guy saying it. As I recall, if memory serves, The Dick is one of the sleaziest people in the business and that is saying something given the business. Then again, that’s what they do, they give you the business, metaphorically speaking. You get the business end of their going out of business, everything must go, all sales are final. And just as in The Big One, ‘operators are standing by, they’ll be kneeling in a minute’.
The Dick is actually talking about the Kabala. I have never heard anyone mainstream talk about this. As you all know, the mainstream flows directly into The Cloaca Maxima and it also flows directly out of it too. It’s a loop that operates on the principle of shit in and shit out and sometimes shit sideways, which might be the result of ricochet or some other logistical imperative.
This is the day of the dark fiends, or rather, the time of the dark fiends and now one of the dark fiends is talking about the other dark fiends. Does anyone else find this to be stranger that fiction? I’ve long been predicting that a time will come where there will be all kinds of people pointing at each other and telling us what they did. There is a cosmic pressure being applied and it is intensifying by the day. Consider the meaning of Apocalypse; uncovering, unveiling, this means by any means necessary. Full exposure is coming because that’s the way it is in these kind of times. Along with that is going to come enormous screw-ups. Things are going to go very wrong in a way that was not the original intent.
I’m really shocked. Some of you might think it is no big deal, but for me, this is huge. This seems to indicate the beginning of all that is mentioned in the previous paragraph. What needs to be kept in mind is that in every transitional period, factors do not appear all by their lonesome. They are attended by complimentary forces which serve to enhance their impact.
Besides talking about the kabala and a worldwide conspiracy of fellow travelers, he talks about the gay movement and how it is being spearheaded by these same people. This is something I have mentioned many times to mixed reaction. He says that they are saying Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the world. The Dick says it isn’t that and my first thought on the matter is that that would apply to San Francisco, where you have to be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. But this is an epic statement from a hired gun talking about the Hole in the Wall gang and it turns out to be a glory hole. He is confirming everything that has been talked about at this blog. Now, this guy is inside. He would pretty much know what is going on, given his connections, which I would guess are pretty vast. He has to be taken seriously, despite his terrible reputation. There was a fellow who worked for Reagan who was notorious for digging up all kinds of things on Reagan’s enemies. His name became synonymous with nasty political gamesmanship. His name was Lee Atwater. The Dick is a lot like this guy. Okay, by accident I have come upon why The Dick and the hooker thing was a big deal. Wow! Now I remember. Yeah, that says it all about The Dick. There was this guy that used to be a comedian called, Dennis Miller. He now appears with Bill O’Reilly on a regular basis. Dennis had a reverse epiphany after 9/11. The Dick had a reverse, political epiphany at some point a few years ago and turned with a vengeance upon his former boss, Bill Clinton. The Dick and Dennis Miller have a lot in common. If you haven’t seen what Dennis Miller does these days and the whole persona of his being; the way his face operates speaks volumes. Something bad happened to a lot of bent people over the last ten years and it’s all due to 9/11.
Here’s what happens. You are faced with unexplainable and massive inconsistencies in the official story. There are several ways you can go with this. You can look deeper into it and eventually discover all kinds of things, including who did it. However, if you are employed by these people, you have to buy the official line. This requires rebar reinforced denial. This makes you crazy and forces you to say very stupid things. It forces a complete adjustment in your personality to where one side of you is no longer communicating with the other side. Another option is that you can be indifferent. The pressure of apocalyptic change bears down directly on the denial state and causes an increasing difficulty in every area of life. It is as if you were driving a car and your left hand wants to go one way and your right hand wants to go in another and they are wrestling for control of the wheel. Meanwhile the driver is screaming out of both sides of his mouth, engaged in two conversations that accompany the force of each hand as they fight for domination.
I’ll be really interested in what the reader has to say about The Dick video, as well as your opinion of my Lovesong for Madonna and Surfer Joe. There has been a decrease in the humor quotient pretty much universally these days. People are more apt to get mean than to laugh. People are much less tolerant of anything that isn’t operating on rails. People are far too sensitive about control issues. Any sign of anything being outside of a person’s control, generates a fear factor, regardless of the outcome. Part of this is because insanity and violent, compulsive behavior is on the rise. People are losing it daily and doing terrible things to each other, their own families and what have you. Going postal is taking upon itself a flash mob patina. Pressure is bearing down and this pressure is for exposure. This doesn’t just mean exposure to others. It also means exposure to yourself. It means confronting yourself but… if you can’t do that the pressure will get worse and worse until it impacts on the weakest link in the chain.
Despite the usual problems that existed before 9/11, there was a carefree climate in Zionist occupied America and the other satellite, catamite countries. Following 9/11, a shroud of darkness has fallen on the lands referenced. Step by step, every freedom that formerly existed has been repossessed just like the houses. There hasn’t been any reduction of this process and it is being implemented by the people who did 9/11 for that purpose. I’m stating the obvious but it needs to be said over and over. It needs to be shouted from the rooftops. The people doing bad things know about the Apocalypse and what it brings, so they are considering the destruction of Israel, even though this invented people happen to be Israeli, at least in a mindset. Something of this size and significance would remove the increasing focus on all the terrible things that nation has been engaged in and confer a lasting bonus of greater victim-hood that would be pretty hard to counter. This is the intent as I see it and The Dick is not talking like he is by accident and I doubt it is on his own recognizance either.
One of the things that doesn’t get talked about a lot is who the people that were killed at the Pentagon were and what they did for a living and what was housed at that specific location. The same applies to all of the agencies and businesses that existed at The Twin Towers and Building 7. The destruction of records and ongoing investigations was a primary motive for the attacks, along with turning world opinion against Muslims and granting motive for endless war in certain locations. It was also to create sympathy for a certain little country whose antipathy for Muslims is relentless and enduring. It greatly benefited them, which is another primary motive for their having done 9/11.
I keep shaking my head about The Dick’s Youtube address. I can’t get my head around his mentioning the kabala and worldwide conspiracy, involving world control and control of a sexual agenda. It’s surreal that he would be there saying these things. I get the strong impression that he was ordered to do this. I imagine that more is coming from various sources in the same manner. Having seen this I am suddenly confronted with the reality that just about anything can happen now. Am I confused or overreacting? This seems like a really big deal to me. I have literally never heard a single mainstream sewer rat come anywhere close to what’s being said. I don’t guess that many people have seen it yet but they will.
Neptune is looming very big at the moment. I find myself having to be personally careful due to the sort of things that come along with Neptune. It’s similar to walking around in a nitrous oxide cloud. There’s that anything can happen and probably will sensation. The inside and the outside are both foreign and new. How about you?
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