Russian Political Expert Predicts US Missile Attack on Iran in Early Summer

U.S. will launch a missile attack against Iran this summer, says Russian political expert Mikhail Delyagin.

“Lately the demand of U.S. military actions against Iran has become really obvious,” Delyagin was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying at a press conference in Moscow Tuesday.

Delyagin said the current situation was in many ways similar to the situation in 1999 that preceded NATO attack on Yugoslavia, and that of 2003 before the Coalition forces invasion in Iraq.

“I think that today’s statements, the propaganda and the actions allow us to say quite clearly that the missile attack on Iran is a question of time,” he said.

“Judging by the pre-elections motivation, the attack must take place late spring or late summer,”

Delyagin added the attacks will only target nuclear objects.

“It will be a pinpoint, surgical operation. Iran has a limited capacity to response,” he said