George W. Bush, Zionist Double Agent, American Traitor… Or is He?

Although Texe Marrs made a good case in his recent article, George W. Bush, Zionist Double Agent, American Traitor, for George Bush actually being Jewish, we now have good reason to doubt that.

The fact is that the Bush family are directly descended from medieval English nobility. That in itself doesn’t mean that they are not Jewish. However, we are informed (1) that the photo below of Bush allegedly clutching a copy of the Talmud, has been ‘photoshopped’, which is another way of saying its been faked.

In the original photo, we are informed, he was clutching a briefcase and if you look carefully at the photo below that could indeed be the case.

So we leave the link to the original article, and present the allegedly fake photo and leave you to decide.

We don’t feel it necessary to apologise for posting Texe Marrs article. He has written some very good articles in the past but feel it necessary to retain the links to the article while making these points.

Indeed, that’s the very essence of what this website all about: it doesn’t pretend to have discovered the truth, it is just looking for it and sometimes that means going back, scrutinising and reviewing what previously had been been assumed to be true.

Of course, none of which means the Bush is not a Zionst and a traitor. Just that may not be Jewish, as Texe Marrs maintains. Ed.

The 'photoshopped' photo of President George W. Bush clutching the Talmud.

Texe Marrs original article:

(1) Research into the Bush family history which casts doubt on Texe Marrs assertion can be found in the article below, under the sub-headline: “The images on the left are from a rather interesting historical document submitted by a reader.”

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