Russia’s Communist Leader Calls Cartoon Scandal US Provocation

Leader of the Communist Party of Russia has blamed the United States for being behind the scandal over cartoons of Prophet Mohammed.

“I consider it a well thought-out major provocation using newspapers and magazines to aggravate the situation, the relationship between the European countries and the Muslim world,” Gennady Zyuganov said at a news conference on Thursday.

Zyuganov quoted by RIA-Novosti news agency said all this could be advantageous only to the United States “stuck” in the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan first of all.

Such a conflict has helped the United States to influence the public opinion and win supporters for its plans to attack Iran, Zyuganov said. “This is extremely not advantageous for Europe but those who have raised this hysteria, insulted religious feelings of one and a half billion of Muslims, are pushing Europe into the arms of the American military clique.”

The communist leader called on the European nations to take measures in restoring the dialogue with Muslim countries that had been destroyed following the recent events.