Christian Necropophagy

The Christian Church has shown the first sign of being united over anything in 2000 years with both the catholic and protestant wings attacking new age beliefs.

The late pope himself has tightened exorcism guidelines, for the first time in centuries. In particular astrological and witchcraft practises come in for particular criticism. Many Christians will say this is good news, but is it?

Most witchcraft occurs within the Christian Church itself, and the appointment on 17 June 2005 of John Sentamu Britain’s first black archbishop of York, was actually not a religious appointment but a political one.

The European police have been fighting a losing battle with women and children being trafficked into Britain from Africa, for both the sex trade and for the witchcraft industry, and Scotland yard has suppressed information on “muti” killings which are a feature of the African Evangelical movement here in Britain, a document on bush meat further speculates on necropophagy or eating the flesh of beings killed for the table, being rife.

The filming of vicious exorcism rites to expel the devil is believed to be behind many snuff movies, bought at boot fairs, body parts are believed to contain special powers if eaten raw and preferably “live”.

The religious belief that intercourse with toddlers can cure AIDS victims is particularly abhorrent, and the introduction of expensive fake horoscopes by priests as proof a child is possessed is a red herring and entirely untenable. In Nigeria alone, 80 young people were murdered last year in “Kendoki” Christian evangelical cult attacks.

While both the Anglican and the Evangelical Alliance church bodies excuse sexual searches by saying “evil spirits can enter through young boys willies and bottoms”.

The new black Archbishop John Sentamu is aware of the 101 breakaway fundamentalist churches in London alone, in the large African communities, where these African practises called “ndoki” or ( kendoki) occur, and strangely the new Archbishop, who was actively involved in two best known cases of black children exported to “relatives” in Britain for spurious benefit claims, and subsequent torture and death, Victoria Climbie and Damilola Taylor, has been silent over the traffic, even the Russian mafia who run Britain’s immigration system have offered advice on child import/exports, which is a new trend away from the abduction and ritual sacrifice of the cities “rough sleepers”

The British court system says, “those who condone or shield child abuse are themselves child abusers” And here it’s worth noting that the cultural philosophy of African witchcraft is totally different to that of European witchcraft.

The Nigerian born Debbie Ariyo head of the charity, “Africans against child abuse” gave a comprehensive statement condemning African evangelical witchcraft practises.

Yet operation Violet, the secret police investigation in which I was an advisor, has been hampered by political correctness from Britain’s New Labour, and accusations of racism in its investigation into the closed communities in British churches

Many insiders feel John Sentamu’s appointment is to put a lid on, rather than stamp out every area of child abuse seen by social workers working these last few years in secret, and it now well known that the Vatican initiative called “Operation Templeman” was to hide up the huge numbers of priests in child abuse cases, and in Africa the church would sooner see babies die from Aids in agony, than give preventative birth control

Catholic interference and the encouragement of violence Ireland, South America, Poland and Africa, has been noticeable, and remember the church was photographed blessing the tanks and planes going to kill and maim those in Iraq.

The Christian church is in danger of collapsing under the many pressures and internal corruptions it faces, the Greek Orthodox Church reported recently in the Independent newspaper that certain categories will be banned from their priesthood, including; magicians, astrologers, actors, usurers, thieves, solicitors and gynaecologists!

There is currently pressure in Britain to strengthen the law for prejudice on religious grounds, so Christians, and in particular Evangelicals, will have to stop the hate campaigns on both new age subjects, and on those in favour of spiritual democracy.

Theologians tell us the miracle of transubstantiation, or the changing of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, where people then consume it, is only a modified version of the same cannibalism seen now in church communities.

So will Archbishop John Sentamu speak out on these matters?

Do not hold your breath, the official church of England exorcism guidelines are;
* Exorcism only by order of the diocesan bishop.
* Only used in collaboration with a doctors knowledge and medication.
* Prayer and the sacraments must be given in tandem.
* No publicity.
* Good follow up care, especially by family.

The remedy to these crimes will only be found with an open discussion with no doors barred, stopping priest’s charging large monetary sums for needless exorcisms, banning all tortures, rapes, and cannibalistic practises.

Interpol suggests an overall amnesty for any informers, particularly church insiders.

The Interspiritual forum is a group of non-partisan experts, who give their time for free, and we want the church to clean up their act and to be accountable.

T.Stokes lecturer in paranormal studies
Copyright June 2005

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Archbishop John Sentamu shortly after being appointed Archbishop of York

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence