Voice of the White House February 9, 2006

“Two matters of interest today are: The Revolt Against the Evangelicals and the Great Cartoon Game.

The first one is very serious and will never be covered in the national press for obvious reasons and the second is almost as favored as the Girl from Aruba.

It seems that in rural Alabama, a number of Right Wing Christian churches have been, and are being burnt to the ground. This is not a racial act because most of the churches (Baptist) have white congregations. Black people have more respect for churches than to burn them down so they can’t be stuck with this one.
The FBI has submitted a study for review here in the White House that states its growing belief that growing numbers of non-aligned Americans are becoming very angry with the rantings and attempts on the part of the Religious Right to enforce their own somewhat peculiar beliefs onto the rest of the country…probably by force or Presidential Order. Not only in Alabama but in six other states there have been burnings of Pentecostal and Evangelical churches.

The total to date is twenty seven, only a small portion of which have been given any publicity.

Further, some of the more strident ministers and pastors of these outspoken and demanding churches have received “very serious” death threats. In an atmosphere were an astounding number of equally serious death threats against the national leadership is reaching epic numbers, the orders to the media are to say nothing.

The rationale? That it would only stir up more and more such eruptions and the church people are howling for protection from the White House. “We support you and now you must support us!” reads one letter that has been making the rounds.

The Rove people now suggest that the evil gays be blamed for this by O’Reilley or the odious Ann Coulter. The Christian Right has been begging the leadership here to somehow ban homosexuality on the grounds of ‘Hate Crimes’ but considering the large number of very active gays in the upper levels of this Administration and the Republican Party, such an action would not go very far although the pathetic Gonzales is no doubt preparing a brief even as I write that would allow his beloved President to assassinate all the florists, hair stylists, professional athletes, Republican leaders, Congressmen, naval and airforce personnel in sight.

The White House is demanding immediate arrests of “anyone involved” even if it doesn’t consist of anyone involved.

The Christian Right is now distancing itself from Bush, rightly blaming him for rising hatred against them although in their hubris, they instigated it.

It seems that the Danish Cartoon scandal has grown out of all proportion to its creator’s intentions and is causing very serious problems for everyone throughout the world. We here know that this was a deliberate ploy on the part of right wing Jews here to mock and humiliate the Muslims but it would have been better left undone. Now, the Muslims are putting out, often hilarious, cartoons about Jews of the type not seen since the days of Julius Streicher. They are also rejecting Danish pastry and burning their embassies.

Of course Jewish groups are screeching for federal action (of course the Bush administration has utter control over all foreign publication, or would like to think it does) and abject apologies. Like the Christians, the Jews are Special People who are permitted to dish it out but cannot take it.

In this case, our Hebrew friends have opened a real Pandora’s Box and are now frantically trying to find some way to close it again. Apparently this is not to be for the Arab world is now attacking the Sacred Holocaust and from the privately-commissioned White House internal polls, these attacks are falling on very fertile ground.

He who plays with fire will most certainly be burnt, won’t they?”

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