That Hotpants Romance under the Lights of Broadway

Reflections in a Petri Dish – January 29, 2012

Dog Poet Transiting…….
May your noses never be unnaturally brown.
Yes, the beat goes on, no matter how many trees you run into. Bad songs tend to echo down the ages, like when they sing about the beat going on and the beat is actually beating you down and it scares the shit out of you that someone who can actually dance to it keeps saying, “I got you babe”. Scary stuff. Well, that’s show business, where a cyborg Cher can dance with a zombie Bono, off into the brown haze of an East Rutherford sunset, while the beat goes on.
The beat goes on in all kinds of ways, at all kinds of levels, to all kinds of degrees of pervasiveness. Sometimes the beat changes and, “I got you babe” means something different and implies something even more different in the long run. Then you get military themes and the beat syncopates to canons and the rata tat tat staccato of small arms fire, as those who stole everything try to hold on to it, while those they stole it from struggle to survive with less than possible.
Those are the times in which smooth regurgitaters (cue Sade) close ranks in a projectile vomiting duet, looking for a barbershop quartet effect and the bar gets lowered to the point that not even a cockroach can get under it. Somehow they did though, proving there are life forms lower than a cockroach and there are life forms even lower than this and that would be the ones who finance their movements, whether it be howl or bowel. You know you’ve reached the nadir when you can’t tell which end their speeches are coming out of and we are not here referring to any gifted abilities at ventriloquism.
Meanwhile, dumb and dumber, dress up in their cheerleader outfits and wave their pom poms. It’s been on the way since they laminated the first layer of Formica on to the first piece of press-board. It’s been coming since the ’59 Cadillac. It’s the logical, red headed stepchild of Levittown. In truth, it’s older than makeup.
One of the little known facts about materialism is that it simultaneously makes you selfish and stupid at the same time. That’s the original SS. There are mind Nazis and heart Nazis and the heart Nazis are the worst. You can’t fix it. You can’t change it and you can’t make it humane and compassionate. It has to run its course and it is why civilization fails, in the times when it proliferates and it only proliferates in times of darkness.
In times of material darkness, entire sciences are created that are designed for the sole purpose of legitimizing it and every depravity that it breeds, in the hot suffocating confinements of the fornication sewers which provide its offspring. Materialism has its agents and they are most easily identified as the ones who profit the most from it and are engaged in the extremes of its productions and perversions. It’s a religion as much as anything else and every religion has to have a Big Kahuna with a particular jones.
Like I said, Gnosis is a snake. It’s the same snake in either case, only the posture and the effect are different. Like the commercial says, “It’s the same thing, only different”. That’s sort of like, “new and improved”. How can something be new and improved? “It’s the real thing in the back of your mind”. Of course it’s not the real thing in the back of your mind. Isn’t the medulla where the atavistic, reptile brain is located?
The thing is, materialism gives birth to mimicry, where the shadow pretends to be the light. What happens is you get a false light; like the lights on Broadway (cue George Benson), or the lights of Las Vegas. It’s the kind of thing where the RamaSita dynamic is turned into a hot-pants romance, which brings me back to the makeup make believe, where the point of the attraction is the intention to deceive and you get what you pay for. This is the origin of the diseases that accompany the process and we are not just talking about physical hitchhikers. It’s kind of like Land of Snakes Butter. Your politicians, religious and economic leaders are venomous snakes. They’re right when they say, ‘It Can’t be Butter’. It’s axle grease from the wheels of a polluted industry that moves through the bloodstream of the heart’s greatest sorrow, ‘It Can’t be Love’. It’s a little like Cocaine, which makes evil attractive and why forced blowjobs are more satisfying than the willing kind; not that there is any lack of either.
When I was in Hawaii, the big thing among the younger set was anal sex because it negated concerns over unwanted pregnancies. Of course there were progeny nonetheless. It’s like something out of Clive Barker’s “Weaveworld”.
This all comes down to the need to legislate and legitimize everything wrong into anything’s right. People have always done what people do, for the purpose of learning and demonstration but when you take it into the realm of a legal tyranny by minorities, you destroy the natural harmonics. Then the system attacks itself and the macrocosm and the microcosm are afflicted with cancers that devour the host. Here we are speaking of a social macrocosm and not the universal macroprosopus; keeping in mind that all of these systems were stolen or borrowed from the predecessors of The Chaldeans and have no originating connections to those who took them only for the purpose of corrupting them to material ends, as the present world gives ample evidence of.
So what’s a body to do? That’s a personal matter and the major conundrum is maintained by the degree of ones attachment to the creatures and conditions of their personal estate. This is the difference between nightmare and pleasant dreaming; the difference between being trapped and the ability to move on. Moving on it the only option really and moving on is not necessarily a linear process, especially at this time.
There are words like ‘loathsome’, ‘disgusting’, ‘gross’ and ‘repellant’ but they fall short of the reality of life forms like Neutron Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. There are hundreds and thousands of them that live in a deodorized, Barbie doll land of antiseptic murder. They kill without conscience. They bring about things like this; The Dog that did Not Bark. They inhabit, own and manipulate the small cells of tormented life, in which millions struggle to survive, like the mythical rose in Spanish Harlem, “growing in the street, right up through the concrete but soft and sweet and dreamin’”. Dreams of the future are the carrot and fear of the future is the stick.
You have no oppositional political parties anymore. You have no vote. There is no news but what is manufactured to fit what is made to happen, to serve the interests of those pounding the citizenry, domestically and abroad. They intend to whittle down your numbers until all that remains is them and a permanent servant class and if you don’t think major think tanks, which blueprint government policy, are not 24/7 occupied with this concern then you are a fool and you deserve the rewards of your pathetic self indulgence and indifference.
More power to those brave souls at Occupy Oakland. Kudos to those of you who labor beneath the radar for your fellows. Major props to all the unsung heroes and independent souls who know what’s on the line and will not knuckle under to the trolls and terrible abortions of synthetic humanity, born from the litters of diseased rats, in the sewers beneath our contemporary urban concentration camps. Shame on you Mr. Visible, you’re talking about class warfare. Am I?
Obama isn’t a human being. He’s a test tube experiment from Tavistock. That’s why the birth certificate thing is a problem. “They Live” is a reality. It’s not a matter of ‘die on your feet or live on your knees’. It’s much worse than ‘live on your knees’. That doesn’t come close to what’s under discussion by your betters.
You’re lucky there’s more at work than your distracted earbud insulated, cellphone thumbing a ride to nowhere. You’re lucky evil does destroy itself because otherwise there would be a whole new meaning to looping and sampling and Charlotte Rampling can’t believe it isn’t butter either.
End Transiting…….
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