The Sandusky Principle and the Hive Mentality

Smoking Mirrors – January 25, 2012

Dog Poet Transiting…….
May your noses always be on your face.
The Penn State basketball coach said, “The passion, the love that he gave almost gave you a sense that you wanted to give it back to him,” Let’s see if we can extrapolate that into other quotes. The president said, “The way these men willingly go and die in foreign lands ‘almost’ makes you want to do it too”, or something like this, “The way a strategic collection of men can turn their eyes away from the sexual abuse of children almost makes you think they were involved too”.
I hate to mention Kali Yuga so much, along with ‘times of darkness’ and ‘for the purpose of demonstration’ but that’s definitely where we are and what we are. Our physical extensions are dramatizations of what is going on in our being, in reaction to the world around us. It’s either pulled out of us without our consent, or with it. Resistance also occurs by degrees but we are shaped more forcefully by the relentless chatter that surrounds us. By chatter, I mean every kind of influence, whether recognized or sub rosa.
I don’t know that Joe and so many of the others were engaged in a ring of consciousness, whose focus is the signature dish of this age, but there’s no getting around the fact that the despoliation of innocence is one of the chief thrills of kiddie jumping. The other thing is that we get jaded and then bored with the things we’ve already done. We’ve become desensitized to the behavior of others and the events that go on in the world, especially those that are far off from us and these conditions and a couple of similar kinds, all contribute to potential and possibility. I don’t want to say where there’s smoke there’s fire, especially since this is Smoking Mirrors, but my mind does linger with certain considerations.
Let us transfer that template to a particular group I call King Bolan’s Buddies; transfer it to those engaged in governmental policies in any powerful country. They operate out of a hive mentality and that also ‘almost’ rhymes with something else. The selection of those filling the roles in any profession is something achieved by an intentional agency, for the purpose of the control of any given majority. This is why the police are exhibiting a certain uniform and unpleasant types of action against the public. This is why many corporations are headed by the people who head them and why they behave as they do. The orders come from those who control the money, because you can’t get the money otherwise. So anything you hear about, whether you like it or not, is being done because someone is paying someone to do it. The payment doesn’t always have to be money. It can be power, celebrity, sex or whatever people consider desirable but can’t manage on their own
You could say the Sandusky Principle is about some form of currency translated into action. At first glance you might say, “No, it’s just a despicable weakness that manifests in morally bankrupt individuals”. Superficially that is true. However, at a deeper level, this sort of thing is being initiated and managed for specific reasons. These reasons have to do with impacting the general consciousness, with altering the consciousness of those so engaged and as a part of a larger agenda to affect society on many levels for increased power and profit.
It is improbable that one could go to any larger media outlet and not run across at least one story about gay concerns. There must be a day when it doesn’t happen but it wouldn’t be very often. You are dealing with a very small minority, where a tremendous series of changes are affecting the entire assemblage. My mention of this is not a criticism of that lifestyle, not that that makes any difference because ANY MENTION that is not wholly positive and supportive is undesirable to the greater intention of certain vested interests. I bring it up as a matter of observation to point it out as an associative part of a wider intent.
Everything has some relationship to sex; politics, art, religion, commerce, whatever; it has a sexual connotation so, controlling the means, mediums, performance, perception and whatever (grin) is a serious, heavyweight necessity for those seeking the general control of everyone.
War and all forms of aggression are a type of sex. Bullets and swords penetrate and rape is an attendant and similar thing. Torture and bondage are on the same train. These things are also now acceptable for consenting adults, although I don’t know where adult figures into it. Monty Python had a film called, “Eric the Red”. I think that is what it is called. In this film, the gods were portrayed as children. It explained a great deal. I’m not saying that’s how the gods actually are or whether they are. I’m saying that it’s not too difficult to see it that way given what you see down here.
The reality of ones state of being at any time has to do with whether one is in control of oneself or not. If not, then something else is and this goes all the way to the top of the familiar pyramid of human powers and positions. Into this equation we have to factor relative degrees of control and also states of being that can alter the degree of control. There are many things we do and do not do that can compromise and elevate our degree of control. Any man can appreciate a beautiful woman. Some will be motivated to approach her. Far fewer will act aggressively toward her and fewer still will plot to abduct and violate her or achieve that through other dark avenues. In times of darkness the general propensity for anything dark is greater. That’s a mathematical certainty.
This same principle applies across the board to everything. Many might appreciate the beauty of a different culture and some large number may dislike it but fewer will plot to destroy it and among those are those who are engaged in all the other controls that make it possible to deceive the public into supporting such actions. I should point out that it doesn’t matter if you are personally handling the weapons that kill these people. If you support the policies that legitimize the effort. If you buy into the package, you share in the rewards of its contents. This is the same thing as being in the gang that engages in an armed robbery where someone is killed in the process. Legally it isn’t going to matter whether you pulled the trigger. The punishment is the same as if you did.
This is the year of the dragon and it is a water dragon. Revolutions, aggressions, anger and the like are indicated on the negative side. In tandem there is also this consideration; “The presence of the Star of External Flower of Romance indicates the occurrence of infidelity, extramarital affairs and relationship distress in the year 2012. Steady long term love relationships and marriages are not spared so do not take it for granted.  Hearts will be broken, feelings deeply hurt and heartaches abound if you’re hit by it. Make sure you sleep facing your relationship direction based on your Kua and have Feng Shui protection in your bedroom”.
“The Tiger, Dragon and Phoenix (a Rooster that symbolizes Phoenix) appear in the year’s pattern of influences” and “The 2012 Eight Character chart has every element EXCEPT Fire. This missing element rules creativity and intelligence which are vital ingredients for success in this competitive world today”. This is probably more than you want to know but some will seek to reason out or intuit what these things mean, because life is cyclical and cycles bring reoccurrence; keep it in mind. The indications are that 2012 is going to be better than 2011, at least for those so engaged in making it better, for themselves and for others. For myself, although indications were otherwise and indicative of conditions presented in the quotes, I have experienced an inexplicable, complete and positive turnaround in respect of this. It can be very difficult sometimes to make sense of how things come about but only a fool does not take advantage of serendipitous opportunity.
Some changes are in our hands and and some are not but even the ones that are not can be made more fortuitous by a willing submission to that transiting force, with an open eyed and accommodating mindset, seeking understanding and responding to the implications and results that come out of it; done in a positive fashion.
People who serve and support temporarily existing power structures are like people who rely on the constancy of the wind. That is not a characteristic of the wind. It does have consistency of recurring states of expression but even these are subject to change without notification and phrases like ‘winds of change’ are accepted aphorisms of general parlance. The same as having the wind at your back implies that this is not always the case. Some number of change resistant and deluded tin horn emperors are going to be finding that out, along with whole groups of people who have just perfunctorily assumed they have the controlling authority for, “My way or the highway”. Mr Apocalypse has put on his dancing shoes and you’re going to see a great many protective covers, ripped off of a lot of concealed furniture, sundry items and corpses. The main event is about to begin and the beguine is sure to follow.
End Transiting…….


Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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