Hand Signatures and Health

Quite recently a journalist rang the alternatives clinic where I am an associate, and asked what we thought was causing the escalation of violent crime in England, and were the causes social, parental or environmental.

The figures for road rage, workplace rage, and violence in the home have indeed risen to the point where politicians are now moving the goalposts to reduce the figures.

Such things as air rage on aeroplanes, trolley rage in supermarkets, even hedge rage with neighbours quarrelling over hedge heights ended with one man being killed. Unbelievably, what one tabloid newspaper calls “ baby-buggy-bouts” with mothers fighting over rights of way with prams, are now fairly commonplace events in Britain’s inner cities.

This escalation has resulted in attacks at hospitals on doctors and nurses, attacks on school teachers, postmen delivering the junk mail having to go out later in the day, religious doorstep canvassers, and in some areas milkmen have to go in pairs like policemen.

Many people are assaulted in the street for “fun” including the now fashionable “slap-attacks” which are filmed on mobile phones for the enjoyment of friends and colleagues.

But what has brought this about? A situation where suicides in prison over bullying, is only surpassed by those of school gangs, and a spate of trainee soldiers have even been murdered at places like Deepcut Army barracks, despite desperate attempts by the authorities at a cover up.

A study by Prof. C. Cooper of Manchester University shows a high percentage of British managers exhibit psychopathic tendencies, and names Britain’s Royal Mail as by far the worst employer for managerial harassment, racism and bullying in Europe.

These facts together with the bad behaviour of our young have brought in government help in the form of the legislation “A.S.B.O” or Anti-Social behaviour Orders.

But conventional psychologists are wary, and generally not in agreement, they claim that continual T.V violence in games, cartoons and films do not harm the young, and have no influence, yet these psychologists charge huge sums to advice on which T.V. advertisements will have the most psychological impact, recently the psychologist who dreamed up the advertisement “clunk click every trip” was said on radio to have won a major award.

The T.V personality in the Star trek programmes, “Dr. Spock” who was seen as having no emotional dimensions or horizons, was actually a mickey take of a real psychology professor who instigated the theory that babies and young children needed warmth, food and care, but not love, his claim that this would make them independent adults, was so wrong, that now letting a baby “have its cry out” as it was called is seen as the most damaging behaviour possible to an infant, and is directly responsible for the detached and psychotic behaviour of much of Britain’s young criminal elements.

Common sense says babies and children need continual love and nurturing. However, research at complementary clinics, is consistent with other alternative practitioners, in the pinpointing of certain factors.

For some years I have taken the hand-prints of problem children, and watched them grow in many cases into problem adults. While writing court reports for young offenders, I would eventually see patterns forming.

Dr.Tarmo Tildo of Lund University, claims research shows exposure to environmentally derived chemicals in the form of “Persistent organochlorine pollutants” (pops) this has actually altered the human sex chromosomes, making women more male and men more female.

A quick look at television personalities will show many with Androgynous features, and senior sports correspondent said recently that when watching football matches, he could no longer tell the men’s matches from the women’s, because the appearance and behaviour was the same.

The Christian Journal blames this on pollutants in food products, and heavy metal absorption for the current epidemic of gay behaviour in men.

Each year the 15 pounds in weight of food additives that we in Britain all eat, provide a devastating cocktail of poisons for both our bodies and minds, the elderly the sick and the young are particularly vulnerable, as their systems are not as strong as a healthy adult.

Such things as fats, starches, preservatives, colourings, salt sugars and other additives, which in some countries are banned substances, are allowed in Britain. This is further aggravated by agricultural, industrial and domestic waste, car exhausts, street run off and sewage penetrations.

This abominable situation has escalated through the government’s covert assistance to people smuggling, which has contributed to Britain’s rising population over the past few decades, without the coping infrastructure.

Humans being at the top of the food chain consume toxic products on a daily basis, as in the predictable B.S.E. crisis, the growth hormone and stilbesterol studies were largely classed by government as “restricted from public view”.

And a hospital colleague Prof. Lacey lost his job for “whistle-blowing” over suppressed information with the B.S.E. fiasco.

The fluoride controversy is shown by the American freedom of information act to encourage violence, it is not generally recognised that the whole generation of anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac and Seroxat, are developed from fluoride, which is a by product of the; “Manhattan Project” and the aluminium industry, a lot of which information regarding effects on health, are still classified from W.W.II.

Flouride because of its neurotoxic nature is known to affect the central nervous system, and aluminium is said by the British medical journal to be linked with Alzheimers disease, are both linked to British drinking water, which uses problematic aluminium filters, as shown in the Camelford tragedy.

The consumption of drinking water additives, Chlorine and Fluoride have a corrosive effect on our Mercury fillings, these fillings are among the most toxic elements on the planet.

The giving out of anti-depressants like sweets to children, at doctors surgeries on payment from the drug companies, has encouraged dependency, and it is known that violence is a symptom of these drugs, (see Seroxat studies)

The Food and Drugs Association in America lists 5 of the pharmaceuticals industries best selling drugs as major killers. There is no similar safety organisation in Britain.

As the study was building in the clinic, with the same signs of damage showing in the hand-prints over and over again, we became aware that Britain’s welfare state only came into being because the male population was not healthy enough to go to another war, and that strangely, the people were more healthy during W.W.II than before or since. Tragically in the Britain of today the vegetables we buy contain less than half the vitamin content of before the war, and meat eating carries its own health risks, junk food is the norm, and many youngsters will eat nothing else.

However, as the data came together, and we were able to enumerate the dangers of food additives, from everything from Monosodium glutamate E621 and Aspartame E951 to Quinoline yellow E104.and many others.

Why any manufacturer of foodstuffs would need to put orange colour in orange juice is beyond most people, the real answer is that there is in most cases no actual orange in it at all, it amuses people at my lectures to be told some strawberry flavour yoghurts do not actually contain any strawberries!

It became apparent that the cocktail of food additives, colourings and preservatives with over prescribed pharmaceuticals, were in fact responsible for a very large part of the current violent situation in Britain.

Studies by researchers interested in reading palmer linear signals, have been published over many years by Carl Jung, Julius Spier, Dr. charlotte Wolfe and more recently by Dr.Eugene Scheiman and myself, amongst others, but the need for education now is as never before.

By the examination of a handprint we can diagnose toxic overload, causing behavioural difficulty, this especially in the young, gives predisposition to anti-social behaviour, and what is known in psychiatry as “the volatile response” and largely this is through faulty diet, this behavioural volatility, and “yobbism” being known increasingly to psychologists as “footballism”

A young British television chef, Jamie Oliver, has picked up on this and shamed the British government into providing better food for school dinners. Government ministers and schools were alleged on T.V. to get “financial kickbacks” from food producers,

Like most alternative clinics we recommend many health and vitamin products, from our nutritionist, but remember our recommended daily intake (R.D.A.) was instigated in the wartime of 1941, and that was the bare needed minimum.

Then out of the blue came an offer to fund our research, wonderful news, except that in order to get this funding we had to alter the results in favour of the pharmaceutical industry, and to sing the benefits of flouridisation.

We were told this funding which was actually very generous, could train and employ another practitioner for 5 years, along with the promise of much positive advertising for the clinic, all we had to do was publish in our name, findings produced by them on the dangers of vitamin, mineral and health foods, but particularly the taking of herbs.

To accept this would be a form of intellectual prostitution, doctors and general practitioners countrywide accept money for this, as do our politicians.

Very tempting, you can see how easy it is to fall by the wayside. All we needed was to be morally celibate, and stay quiet.

Government dieticians who work out school and hospital dinners, are not nutritionists, and 90% of all nutritional research has been carried out over the last ten years, and many people still confuse the 2 sciences.

The British medical Association still trots out the age old mantra, that ”if you eat a balanced diet you will not need supplements” but they cannot tell you what a balanced diet actually is because your nutritional needs would be different to that of a growing child, or elderly patient.

Our research has shown that much anti-social behaviour, both in children and surprisingly adults too, can be modified by the elimination of particular additives, colorants and preservatives, and by the addition of vitamin supplements particularly Fish based compounds.

We found that with the changing to an organic diet rich in fruit and vegetables, with extra vitamin and mineral supplements, classroom behaviour improved dramatically.

T.Stokes consultant palmist copyright 2004

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence