Iraq and Democracy?

The latest excuse we are told, for the attack on Iraq, was to bring about democratic change.

But let us be sure we were NOT told the facts and never are.

Tony Blair has now said ”he is sorry for the war, the intelligence was wrong”

Privately, the intelligence services are furious, as they have the middle-east saturated with intelligence gathering facilities

The Cyprus listening post is the largest in the world, every telephone call, every email, just the sound of your voice can trigger listening and locating devices, your telephone does not even have to be in use for it to be turned electronically into a microphone, between satellite monitors, C.C.T.V. traffic recording programmes, secret traffic-master lamp-post cameras, pavement recorders, roadway infrared sensors, detector vans, pylon beam recorders, hospital, doctors surgery and dental visit records and checkups, academic transcripts, taxation, solicitors and accountancy dealings ATM receipts, prescription drugs, driving licences, airline tickets, rail passes, parking permits, car registrations, supermarket and garage receipts, mortgage payments, mail intercepts, junk-mail lists, postal infra-red mail scans, banking records, website visits, credit card slips, street camera surveillance, satellite and helicopter reconnaisance, laser beam mikes, and public building facial mapping unit camera’s with gait and posture programmes apart from “humint” or human intelligence gathering techniques.

Iraq and Saddham Hussein in particular was completely penetrated by Israel especially,- with “total saturation”, why we knew even his toothpaste brand and his “snore” signature.

Israel claims it could pick out any conversation signature at any time from the ether, and target the whereabouts of its owner, then a helicopter gunship would be sent out to destroy it

We are told that the same intelligence services that could do this, got it wrong on its advice to Tony Blair, come of it!

Tony Blair agreed to the war on Iraq before coming to power, as did George Bush, remember neither was elected, but got in through subterfuge.

When a crime is committed, and this was all a crime, always ask who gained from this?

We cannot now say Saddham Hussein was evil and killing people etc. when we bribed and armed him to do it for us, as in the Iran war.

The same goes for Osama Bin Laden, a senior intelligence source told me, “yes they are bastards, but they are our bastards” we financed and trained them all.

Also we cannot say he mass murdered the marsh Arabs and the Kurds, when the West armed them and sent them in to target the Ba’athist party

This “war on terror “is not what it seems.

British intelligence were only now recovering from the Russian agents who ran whole departments from the 1930s to the 60s, bringing us onto their side, in W.W.II to find their reputation again rubbished this time by Tony Blair, makes them very uneasy.

Remember the political motto, “ if you cannot win the game, move the goalposts to one you can.“

And they now say we need identity cards! When 5 million people in the country are illegal refugees that these cards would not apply to them anyway.