Exploring the Ruins of a Masonic Temple

Back in ’88 when I was a young college girl, and a very young believer (4 years at that point) I went on a short-term mission trip with other college students to Liberia to work with national college students in bringing the gospel to villages around the capital city, Monrovia. One day, a boy (he was probably 20) said, “Let me show you something”, so he took our team on a field trip so to speak. He was a believer also, working full time in correspondence bible studies that he corrected and mailed out. Well, turns out he took us to the capital’s Grand Masonic Lodge, which we got the FULL tour of, since it was a total ruin and was currently being used as a public toilet. It was almost ironic. Anyway, we saw the whole thing, what was left of it. It was made of marble (or stone) of course and the main level looked like it once was a meeting or living room and once had chandeliers and furniture probably.

When we were in there, I had no clue anything about Freemasonry. Not a clue. Just knew it was one of those lodge places. So then we went down to the basement and there was something I had never seen before but I knew it was bad. I am currently wondering if this represents the highest secret of this group, or if this is nothing compared to the real deal (whatever that may be). Point: satanic worship happened in there. I understand that the fm’s are regrouping and finally looking into rebuilding the building. Unbelievably, it had been used all this time as a homeless shelter for families.

Here’s what was in there. On the eastern wall was a huge marble throne that was elevated a few feet. In front of the throne was a huge altar- it was about 4′ high, 3’wide and at least 8-10′ long.

On the wall were wall candle sconces. On the floor in front of the altar taking up almost the whole floor was a huge 10-12′ pentagram. It was a circle with a 5-pointed star inside. This was black marble inlaid in the white marble floor. In the points of the star were holes- for candles presumably. There were occultist symbols all over this (don’t remember what- occult symbols). INSIDE the star was inlaid, over the star, was the head of the horned god and we all know who that is. It was the most evil thing I had ever seen. I’ll never forget it. I wont tell the FR guys where I saw this- they do not believe me, they think I lie. I have no idea why God allowed me to see this but I trust Him. I understand now that the fm’s think that Lucifer is god and that the Lord is the bad one and that they want to wipe out Christianity and bring in the whole world to worship Lucifer. That is the extent of my understanding, that and a lot of the men of this world are working in cooperation whether they know it or not, to help achieve this.

Describing it does not do it justice how evil it looked. Back then, that was underground and secret, not that symbol is totally mainstreamed- just look at the album covers in the music store- occult symbols, especially that one, are everywhere. I knew that meant Satanism, but obviously this is a fm thing too. One may say that well, that was a foreign country. Yea, but this symbol does not come from Africa, it comes from somewhere else, via America. This was imported. There has been a serious spiritual and hot war there all these years since 88 and before too when they had the older wars in 80 and before. It is a hotbed of demonic activity and now of course the UN and nations are there fixing it, lol. (??).

So do I sound clueless? That is all I know. Please give me the summary of what is going on. The god of fm is trying to take over the world and eliminate the Lord God, and we are in the middle of it all, correct?

Tabitha Fraser is the pen name of a California housewife.