Voice of the White House January 15, 2006

“Now that we have brought Bush out of his mothball haven, it might be instructive to discuss the means by which his shabby administration is attempting to influence public opinion into accepting both his brilliant leadership and the vital necessity for maintaining a senseless and viciously destructive war.

It should be pretty obvious to persons with the ability to read and reason that recent disclosures about official sponsoring of fake news articles brings any governmental press release or speech into serious question. We have, for example, the pathetic attempts on the part of Central Command to compel their soldiers to sign printed letters to their hometown newspapers alleging that all was well in Iraq, that the Americans were winning a great victory over the Powers of Darkness and that GIs were bringing happiness and joy to Iraqi children. David Brooks, writing in the New York Times, also produced such fabricated drivel. Willie Peter bombs, flamethrowers and the running over by tanks of Iraqi small children are never mentioned. Foreign reporters who have had the temerity to do so have been shot on the spot “by accident.”

Then we have various “columnists” in the American media who were revealed to have taken large amounts of money to advance the Republican’s agenda, the fake “Lincoln Group,” ( a government creation) that was planting other fictions in foreign (and domestic) media, the notice that the Department of Defense was looking for blogs and websites willing, for pay, to put the government’s agenda before the American people.

All of this has been reported in the past. What has not been reported is that a number of the irrational bloggers (“Weather Control,” “9/11 Secrets Finally Revealed, ” “Bush and Cheney Indicted by Federal Grand Jury) are also supported so that they may issue immense volumes of distracting nonsense to keep the American public so bemused that they wouldn’t recognize a truth if it hit them in the food bag.

And also note that CNN (and other major media outlets) keep on bleating about the Lacy Peterson matter, the fat man who fell off a cruise ship and of course, who is allowed to forget the Vanished Cheerleader of Aruba. The harping on this totally unimportant material is certainly far from either stupidity on the part of network executives or lack of knowledge of far more important issues.

When a major story can be found on practically any foreign news service, like Reuters, the BBC, AFP or the Herald Tribune, the assumption would be that our American press would also reflect all of this. That it rarely does is a certain sign that we are fed a diet of inconsequential or invented news to lull the viewers, and readers, into a sense of security.

God may be in His heaven but all is certainly not all right with the world.

At least not ours.

It’s no wonder that newspaper subscribers and television viewers are turning to the internet, nuts and all, for the real news. “

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