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Visible Origami – January 11, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Dear friends… slowly, not so slowly, decompressing from yesterdays Petri Dish rant, let me continue on in the theme of the last Origami about loss. I will be as honest here today as discretion permits, in the hope that what I have to say will be of assistance to the rest of you. There are also issues that have arisen concerning me, over time, that need to be put to rest.
Today, I received an email from a close friend. He mentioned that his wife of many years was possibly seeking a divorce. This is not the only case I am familiar with and I know of others who have recently become estranged from those they were previously joined together with. This fellows girlfriend left him. This fellows wife left him. It should come as no surprise that my own domestic situation is in the same condition and dovetails with my trip for meets and greets with readers and which should, given plans made to make god laugh, extend to the end of February.
In my own situation, in my relationship, the friendship is very strong and intact and will not change but it is clear that there is a directional shift and I may, soon enough, find myself on my own with no idea of where or what lies ahead. I am telling you this for a ‘very good reason’. We are not at fault, in the main, for what is happening to us. It is not the players, it is the play. It is not the personnel, it is the times. As awakening takes places in all of our lives, our mindset and the conditions of our lives are undergoing sweeping changes. There is nothing any of us can do but adapt.
Some of you are standing alone in the forest this morning. Some of you are sitting somewhere at some location in your lives and wondering, deeply wondering what is happening to you. Some of you cannot get your heads or your hearts around it. You have invested in the bank of anothers affections and now, your investments have become a temporary phase of attention for the purpose of demonstration. Take heart and be strong. Many of you have been coming here for some time and you know that, by and large a lot of good people come here. We are on the event horizon of a pressing migration of thought and being into a new dimension. We do not know the architecture or environment of this new world. In most cases we don’t even know who we are. Take heart, you will soon know a great deal more than you did.
Even a few weeks ago, I had a solid plan of action that involved going here, going there and going back again. I might not have know the particulars concerning what I was going to encounter but I had a clear idea of my itinerary. I have little idea concerning any of that now, though I have a much better idea of what I do.
As it dawned on me over the last couple of days, I made no mention of it here. Obviously, connected souls are all on the same bandwidth. We are resonating with each other across large distances. This morning I received a communication from a dear friend on my itinerary, with whom I had not shared any of this and he said, “Don’t make me come and fetch you”. I mention this to point out that some not insignificant number of us are closely connected to each other and are shortly going to find out that it becomes like listening to the radio. Whole new areas of communication and thought are opening up. Be prepared.
If you are apprehensive about your future and all that has been familiar for so long, you must trust your author. You must understand that we are entering into uncharted waters of being and consciousness and none of us will be spared some aspect of the changes rolling over this planet.
Let us move on to the next thing, simply because it has come up occasionally and may well reflect a wider concern among the readers who possess insufficient information concerning me. Some portion of you, no doubt, think I am crazy. Some of you may think I engage in an excessive lifestyle filled with strange comestibles and all sorts of wild flights into the unknown. Well, you don’t get far sticking with the familiar. Some of you are fearful of the location I am in and concerned for your own safety in coming here. Let me address these things with all the brutal honesty at my command and should you need corroboration from those in whose company I have been in recently, you have only to ask them. They’re not shy.
Am I crazy? Compared to what? I write these blogs with a consistency and a content hardly rivaled anywhere by diversity and amount. I write books. I record music; a lot of music. I collaborate with other people. I do radio shows and video presentations. I get from one place to another and I engage people on many levels. Could a crazy person do that? Define crazy. Ambulances and authorities are not going back and forth from where I am to where they are. But… am I crazy? Compared to normal, you bet I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You can’t find God without going crazy; fundamentalist redundancy is not finding God; quite the opposite. In a suit and tie world of forced regimentation, I am definitely certifiable and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Do I take all manner of drugs and howl at the moon? Do I communicate with unseen beings and engage in things that might cause others to seek professional help due to association? I certainly have done so. However, the truth of recent times is of a far more sedate order. Half a dozen times a year, I am lucky enough to get my hands on some ketamine, which allows me to engage in certain forms of exploration. And forget about the spiritual or legal legitimacy of that because God approves and gets it for me. Yes, that is something a crazy person might say. It is true though and I don’t much care who believes it. Generally, the effect of this item on me is extremely salutary. I suffer from a certain condition and it fixes it, quick and effectively. I thought it would be easy to get here but it is very difficult. It seems they changed the laws just for me prior to my arrival (grin). Besides that, I very, very occasionally take mushrooms and haven’t in a long time. Sometimes I drink Campari. It’s the one alcoholic beverage I can rely on as being even a little useful. Sometimes I have a few beers. Sometimes I have a little wine with my meal. That covers the totality of my consciousness altering engagements. Now and again I have a private bout of consumption for the purpose of blowing the carbon out of my jets
Am I a Svengali? Any contacts of any related order of this sort are not initiated by me and through my life that has mostly been the case. Do I care at all about any of that anymore? not much. Am I wild and freakish in my behavior? I don’t think so and it wouldn’t make me very effective would it?
Is it dangerous here? It’s dangerous everywhere if you are not paying attention. Actually, it’s as safe here, from what I can see, as it was where l left and it doesn’t get much safer than that. Danger can find you anywhere and I am sure that it can be found here, if you go looking or if you behave stupidly.
Seriously, do you think I would be allowed to write the sort of thing you have been reading at this specific blog for these years if I was anything but, more or less, disciplined and precise? Could I write these things without assistance from the higher realms? Could what is written resonate with and impact upon so many people if  were not being assisted from the higher realms? Of course not. Judge within your heart and don’t let your complete lack of knowledge concerning any personal experience of me invade your fear zones.
Now, truthfully, it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other how anyone takes this. I’m going to be and do what I have been doing and will be doing until I stop doing it. I’m going to do it regardless of opinions, obstacles, gigantic shadows, legal documents, governmental or religious bullshit. I’m just going to keep doing it until it’s time to do something else or I give evidence of why I am called Les Visible in the first place. You can imagine what the passport authorities sometimes think of that.
Yes, I am different… but I would say that was to the good and it appears that my being different is a good thing here and it usually is. That has been my experience. Truthfully, I am very hermetic and exceedingly private. I keep to myself and hang out with my invisible friends. Now the time has come to step out of those confinements, without losing any of it, and into the company of others. That’s just the way the architect has drawn it up. I’ll do that until it turns into something else.
We’re having a fantastic time here. There’s a rightness and a rhythm that you don’t often see. I’m surprised myself. You can continue to believe whatever you want and it’s macht nichts to me who I do or do not see, or where or when it does or doesn’t happen. I’ve told you how it is with me, so… if you are harboring other impressions, please disabuse yourselves, or perhaps, simply suspend your judgment until such time as we actually meet, if we ever do. Of course, some people don’t like me period and they can think what they like. Please, feel free. In the meantime, we’re all God’s children, one way or another and we will all grow and continue such as it may be for each and all. I send you my love and sincere hopes for your future. And so it goes.
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