The Great Shadow at the Gates of Ruin

Smoking Mirrors – January 10, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Tramp, tramp, tramp goes the feet of the fiends and fools. The Earth is going to swallow them and stupid has no cure. Romney this, Santorum that, the whole shebang is out of wack, as welcome as a heart attack and they keep coming on
Trrrap, trrrap, trrrap goes the fingers on the table, underneath the table, dark shit is taking place. It’s in your face. It’s in your face.
Do not despair my friends. What you are seeing is the last gasp of the carcinogens eating themselves alive. You live under the fetid umbrella of a wanna be one world government. It has never happened and it never will happen and that is proof positive that it is in breakdown mode.. The difficulty all of us are dealing with is the terrible power of negative appearances, which shield the brilliant light of cosmic change. Think of it this way. There is a wall, or a curtain, as you prefer, which stands between you and the world you are about to enter. The light is acting upon the wall or curtain but the dynamic of its effect has not yet appeared. There are tiny holes shining in places where the light has burrowed through. At the same time, the entire wall and curtain has become so thin and porous that soon it is going to exponentially impact upon the structure and integrity of the aforementioned. All of a sudden the light is going to break through at hundreds of locations. Following that the structure can no longer hold together and will come crashing down. This is happening internally and externally.
The terminally obstinate and stupid are having to use all of their will to hold together the illusion that stands between them and the truths that they have hidden from themselves. Denial is going to start breaking down all over the place, as the reality of conditions makes itself known in the minds of those who can no longer hold out against what they have been refusing to admit. Do not be surprised when awakening begins to happen big time all over the place.
The tyranny of the few over the lives of the many has been held in place by the collective belief in the curtain wall. This is what has sustained the condition of every man for himself and the enduring lie that these people and those people are our enemies. The tyrannous few have prospered and flourished due to their ability to misdirect our attention into hollow lies of no substance. They have done this by amplifying both appetite and fear, seasoned with confusion and doubt. An atmosphere of collective doubt and uncertainty has kept the populace chained to the engines of diabolical industry in which they forge their own chains.
When awakening occurs it is going to reverse the various mental and emotional climates that have created and maintained an environment of subservience to something they formerly did not understand and their very unknowing was sufficient to keep in place. Awakening is going to create a force of consciousness that is going to backwash into those who were previously, seemingly in control of our every day reality. Suddenly, just like that, their confidence and will, their ability to manage is going to desert them. The best example that I can give is what happened when Sauron’s forces swept out of The Black Gate to confront Gandalf, Aragorn and the rest of the legions from Minas Tirith. The situation was grim. There seemed to be no hope but our heroes were determined to fight to their last breath. It was better to die in that moment than to submit to a fate worse than death. Then it was that The Ring went into Mount Doom and the eye of Sauron, the will that held the whole operation together, was instantly diverted from it’s purpose of holding together the armies of darkness, which were assailing all that was good and decent in the land. In that moment the force of the will of the evil one was removed from its attention upon his servants and they lost their minds and went off running in all directions, pursued by fear. It was over. That ring which was the power of command; “one ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them”, was unmade in the fires where it had been originally forged. The Great Shadow had lost its instrument and the shadow was no longer great. The Great Shadow is not unlike that curtain wall. The Great Shadow became a tiny wraith of darkness, which ran off to gnaw on itself in the darkness and plot for its return. The shadow never dies but it is occasionally much diminished.
This is where we are at this time. Every effort is being made to prop up this wall but it is entirely futile. At its moment of greatness power; its greatest appearance of power, it is at its weakest point. Awakening is not going to be reserved for those of us already awakening and for those determined to sleep but who WILL BE awakened. It is also going to occur in the minds of the minions of darkness and then you are going to see them turn on one another. They will not be able to contain their bowel loosening fear, which attends the awareness of the collective public eye being turned upon them. Millions of previously deluded Christians, who have been manipulated by a fantasy born out of a perversion of their scriptures, are going to awaken to an understanding of what has happened to them. It’s not going to be pretty. Don’t think the perpetrators don’t know about this. It’s the reason for the Patagonian exodus and a few similar ventures. However, ‘nowhere to run and nowhere to hide’ applies.
As I write these words a certain window is opening and very good things are going to pour out upon very good people. After a time that window is going to close and another window is going to open and for those with the wit to take advantage of it, mercy is going to be made available. Then that window is going to close and then the punisher is coming. This is the time of summing up; the dispensing of judgment to all living things according to what is deserved and what is necessary. You can believe what I am saying, figure it may or may not be true, or disavow it entirely, it doesn’t make any difference. What will be will be and it can come quickly,
This has all been a staged drama for the purpose of demonstration. Everything has been and always will be under control. In times of materialism people lose their rudder. They lose perspective. They lose faith and hope. Those are attendant conditions that accompany the darkness in its journey through and beyond. Our personal darkness, whatever degree of it is possessed by any and all, is resonant with the greater darkness. This accounts for the fear and uncertainty by proportion and degree dependent. The same can be said of the children of light, the rainbow warriors who labor and do battle in these times. It’s no different than Middle Earth and neither will be the result.
No one should be all that surprised that evil has prospered to the degree that it has. No one should be surprised at the state we find ourselves in. No one should be surprised that it looks dark and dreadful and that demons are dancing to the drums of war. It is the logical outcome of all the things that have led up to it. However, everyone should and will be very surprised at how it is going to turn out. It is no surprise that your leaders are fools and whores who have extended themselves into a barren field where they will reap the whirlwind. This is precisely what they are marching to. Any one one of them that thinks they will escape in the final reel is dreaming. This has all been directed and guided to the inevitable result. The selfish and insatiable greed of the privileged and their abuse of the lesser classes is all being duly noted. Every single living thing is under the lens. Every thought word and deed is recorded by invisible agency. Believe it or not, it’s no never mind to me, outside of resident compassion.
As has been stated in the last transmission, many of you are suffering and will suffer keen losses. The point and reason of that will be made clear in time. I am not immune to this myself and am suffering in my own way. These are the stations of ascent on the path to realization. It’s no shame or trial to be stripped bear, when the most priceless thing in the universe is what replaces any and all things that must go by the wayside.
What is the point of faith and belief unless they have been brought to the point where they can be of actual use? How does this happen? They are tested against circumstance. They are refined in the crucible of existence until their temper is beyond question. Do not desert yourself in your hour of need. You see what’s going on around you. You’re not like that. Be what you truly are and all will be well with you.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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