Loss and Gain on The Golden Main

Visible Origami – January 8, 2012

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Greetings and salutations from the hinterlands. Whoa and it has been a stellar and interesting week; as weeks go, I haven’t seen the like in a very long time. We’ll be talking about Origami related matters today, this being Origami and hoping not to fold, spindle or mutilate ourselves in the process. It looks like the whole concept of a community is, ‘off the charts’ possible, likely and definite, dependent only on the quality of the personnel so engaged and their willingness to understand the relationship between ‘community’ and ‘commune’. We are more than the sum of our parts, individually and collectively and it is that extra, immeasurable portion that is the source of all continuity and good things.
I’m astounded at the rightness of the moment, in a carpe diem sort of a way. I’m astounded at the possibilities and potential, just as I am astounded at the patently absurd condition of the wider world. It appears that the denser and more insane the passing world gets, the lighter and saner it becomes those scattered oasis’s of thought that are operative in the emergent dynamic of the incoming world precipitating into being within and around us. These are difficult times and these are exciting times. These are times of gain and loss.
Many of us are losing the familiar and that means people, conditions and environments. It can be a rough go. Some of us are having real difficulty adjusting to this. Some of us have lost people that were everything to us. Some of us are about to. We are losing jobs, friendships and families as the imperative of change comes upon us. Some are not willing to make the changes necessary. The old ways have us in too firm a grasp. Some us have come to the term of our time here and are scheduled to depart. There’s no point in arguing about it; one had better meet it at the marrow as L.T. would say. We can rail all that we want at the things we would rather not see or hear but that’s the same thing as trying to argue with a bear over your right of passage and guns don’t work with this bear.
My greatest concern is with those of you who have lost someone dear to you and are finding it a hard cross to bear. It is one of the most difficult arts to find the words necessary to make the need and necessity for this understood. In the cases I am familiar with, we are talking about very good people. They have gone to a far better place. I know this. You can argue with my position and you can argue with what is stated in all of the world’s great scriptures. You can argue with the wind and good luck with that. It is important to remember that it is really only yourself you are grieving for but you shouldn’t grieve too greatly. You’re headed on there yourself. Meanwhile you’ve still got work to do. Don’t hasten the process for yourself, that is the worst possible course. Live in their honor, confident of reunion. Ask yourself this, “Does life make any point otherwise”? Think about it. Does life entire add up to anything at all otherwise? What was the point of being here in the first place if it is not connected to some greater dynamic? That’s just plain stupid and the cosmos is not stupid. Look at the intricate symmetry of things. Look at the order of the planets and the stars in the sky. Look at all of the GLARING evidence of timeless beauty. Look at what your own heart tells you, despite the confusions of the mind.
I know that atheists and agnostics will tell you otherwise. They flourish in times of materialism because their mindset is a part of it. Times of materialism are responsible for fundamentalist religious mindsets just as they are for the prideful arrogance of the materialistic know it all, who believes that the tiny fragment of knowledge that he possesses, equates to anything more than moonshine and fantasy.
We are all going to lose everyone and everything here. It is just a matter of time. An argument can be made that something very different than has ever happened before may well happen in these times of transition and accelerating resonance. Anything is possible. As it has been said, “With faith all things are possible”. Most of us are living in a very small bandwidth of faith and awareness and that’s something to consider and work on. If you don’t, life will work on you until you do. That is the purpose of life. That’s what happens, ‘down here’. We take only one thing with us when we go; what we have turned ourselves into, what we have become. Those are the measurements for our new suit of clothes. That is the determinant of whether or not we become food for the moon.
Don’t let your faith and your aspiring nature be broken down by the callous acquisitiveness of those around you. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more comfort to some of you. I’ve been very, very busy but not too busy to write this today specifically for you. I was asked again recently about what one can do to intensify and expedite contact with the divine. Once again, the simplest and safest and most effective mechanisms that I know of are; practice the presence of the divine, to pray without ceasing, to go into the wild or a room with nothing but water and to call out for an entire day, or 3 days if you can. I could add a few things and expand on these but that will serve for now. I don’t know anything about the sanity or efficacy of long term fasting. We’ve already discussed the light snorting through the nostrils to expel thought from the mind. The point is to make the mind your best friend instead of your worst enemy, as is the case with so many of us. In times of material darkness, the mind can be a bad enemy, indeed.
I’m going to make this a little short today. There’s lot going on in my sphere at the moment and I’ve been lucky to even get this out at all. I think enough got said and there’s always the comments section should something more need to be added by any of us. Radio show tonight; a different format now for the next several weeks. Tune in tonight at 7:30 Central. Check the page for the Radio Blog. Adios and vaya con dios!
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