Are The Royals Above Questioning? Dead Body Found At Sandringham

Keelan Balderson – Eyes Wide Shut January 4, 2012

Although there’s currently no reason to suspect the Royals, the fact of the matter, is that murdered human remains have been found at the Sandringham estate, currently occupied by The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Earl & Countess of Wessex.
They were informed of the discovery on Monday night [1]. The key word here being informed. This might seem like nitpicking to some, but if human remains had been found in the garden of any regular citizen, wealthy or on a council estate, would you expect them to simply be informed, or would the occupants be brought in for questioning?
This isn’t an accusation; I doubt the Royals are stupid enough to murder somebody and bury them not far from a house they actually do reside in. They’re probably more accustomed to advanced covert ops such as the “Boston Breaks” assassination method, which may have been used on Princess Diana according to some researchers.
It’s the principal of it all. Just because they were born in to a barbaric, authoritarian, inbred family, that has pillaged and conquered the world over, who now sit comfortably on the blood money of their ancestors, while simultaneously sponging off the tax payers during a deep recession, does that mean they’re above the procedures of law?
One resident told the Telegraph:
“It is just a stone’s throw from the Stud and the Royals’ house. It is very close.”
Another stated, “It is quite a bit of a shock, given the proximity to the grounds itself. The area is really not that far from Sandringham House”.
Royal shooting parties are thought to have used the area over the Christmas break, reports the Telegraph in another article.
A Norfolk police spokeswoman said: “The body is described as a young, white, adult female, aged between 15 and 23 years old, which has been at that site for a period estimated to be between a month and up to four months.” [2]
The body was discovered shortly after the Royals attended a church service on New Year’s day. Keeping up appearances the Queen was snapped on her horse just hours after the incident, rather than being questioned or offering help to the investigators.
One recent missing person case detectives are thought to be looking at is that of a 17–year–old Latvian, Alisa Dmitrijeva, who disappeared from nearby King’s Lynn.
There were concerns for the safety of the brown–haired teenager, who lived in Wisbech, Cambs and was reported missing on Sept 6.
In October last year the remains of an obsessive stalker were found within sight of Buckingham Palace, on an island in St James’s Park.[3]


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