Voice of the White House, December 24th, 2005

“Such an uproar over the Bush Spy-on-Americans program! One would think that this was just an isolated incident promulgated by our Fascist Leader.

To the contrary, telephone-tapping, both on overseas and domestic conversations, has been going on for over twenty years, unabated and unchecked. The NSA is only an instrument for the FBI, the DHS, the CIA, the Pentagon and a special group under the direct control of Cheney.

The new bunch of swine just inherited programs long in place. In the case of the Bush freaks, however, a new twist has been added. Instead of snooping on politicians uncooperative to the sitting President’s will, they now have added American business interests.

Let us use as an example a story about some wealthy and crooked American company (is there any other kind?) that has been stuffing money into Bush’s pocket (Yes, Virginia, Bush personally takes bribes) to allow them to dump poisonous chemicals into a nearby water supply. Now, if that company wants to know what its rivals are up to, a soft word in Bush or Cheney’s hairy ears and the spy network taps into any rival businesses and passes the stolen secrets along the line.

Also, the White House taps into phone calls of: Democratic leaders, uncooperative American politicians on the local scene, individuals that actively work against any Republican interest, foreign diplomatic conversations coming out of Washington or, better still, easily taken off space satellites that forward overseas telephonic or fax communications.

The current Administration has agreements in place with two major American telecommunications companies, (one of them is the biggest in the country…who volunteered their services without being asked as a “token of support for the President’s efforts to protect Americans from terrorists and their supporters…” from an original memo in my possession) both whom are known to me, (and soon will be to everyone else when I get more paper) to allow the Bush Gestapo to tap into any and all calls going over their systems.*.

Similar agreements are in place with several of the top internet servers, AOL in particular, who voluntarily allow “free and unfettered” access to any and all consumer accounts. While other Presidents in the past have often passively allowed this or even been unaware of the degree and extent of it, Bush has gleefully and knowingly expanded this beyond belief. And the sickening thing is that there isn’t a damned thing anyone can do about it.

Bush and his crime partners are now squealing that without their protective presence, America would glow like Hiroshima in 1945. The truth is, without the presence of the Bush cabal, we would have no terrorist problems. Even at this point, all the United States would have to do would be to stop its manic support of the state is Israel, get its intrusive and brutal troops out of Iraq and no one in the Muslim world would have any interest in attacking the United States.

The hysterically entertaining image of a stalwart Bush protecting America is redolent of a furious rabbit, throwing small balls of its own dung at an advancing coyote in the hopes that the coyote would bother his cousins one rabbit burrow over.

Welcome to the new Reich!

Heil Bush!

And like the Führer, Bush and Cheney love to hide in underground bunkers.”

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