Voice of the White House December 23, 2005

“Christmas or whatever they want to call it, is at hand. Retail sales are way down but not to expect to see this in the press. And our free press is now straining the gut to convince Americans that Bush’s popularity is rocketing upwards. It is not. Rigged polls are popping up all over; talking heads are babbling away on the boob tube and we are expected to believe what has become a tidal wave of sewage and lies. FEMA friends are stealing everything in sight, New Orleans is dead, the death tolls in Afghanistan and Iraq are certainly not dropping, we are pulling out of the former and desperately want to pull out of the latter but Bush’s insane pride and Cheney’s pop-eyed lunacy won’t hear of it. They have forced the oil companies to drop the oil prices for a time so as to bring Bush’s figures up but we have made so many enemies worldwide that we are now effectively out of the oil loop. No oil drilling in Alaskan parks thanks to a fearful Congress who is distancing themselves with great rapidity from the Bush fascism and if you want to have a good laugh, watch George Bush babble away at rigged meetings. One would almost think he was a leader rather than a dismal and growing failure. The Arabs are not, according to DHS and CIA summaries to which I have some entrée, going to set off a bomb in Atlanta because it would boost Bush’s image when he strutted around some safe stage ringed with armed guards and in an area packed with hired boosters, and would at once give Cheney (who is actually running the United States in Bush’s mental absence) a wonderful opportunity to nuke Tehran. I don’t know what it will take for the bulk of the American public to realize that they are being run (into the ground) by a group of narrow-minded ideologues who also happen to be major thieves and pilferers. Have a Happy Holiday! And remember, Jesus loves even you!

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