Merry Christmas From the Holy Land

This is a good time to remember the prisoners of the Evil Empire: Marwan Barghouti, elected last week by 90% of the Palestinians in a sort of primeries, is still in the Jewish jail, and with him – five thousand other Palestinian political prisoners. The prisoners in Iraq, in Guantanamo, in the flying jails of CIA-Gulag, Dr David Irving in an Austrian jail, and Ernst Zundel in German jails. And Bethlehem, turned into a big prison, not far from the prison of Gaza. The battle for Palestine is all over planet.

The Convergence between the systems promised in 1960s actually took place. Once, the Red East was socially secure, but at the expense of personal freedom, while the West was free at the expense of equality and social guarantees. Now they converged: the Russians lost their free schools and health and received the freedom to sleep under the bridge, while the West has its own Gulag and its own political dissidents. We should spend more thought on it: let the prisoners be free! We should reject the shameful thought that some of these prisoners are not good enough for they do not fit our vision: they are too religious like Hamas, too deeply immersed in Germanic nostalgia like Zundel or involved in ‘terror’ as Barghouti . We want them all out! Down with King Herod!

And one special congratulation: this Christmas, Sat 24.12. my own priest, Fr Theodosios (Attalla Hanna) is to become the first Palestinian bishop of the Church of Jerusalem! You may congratulate him on

The picture is by wonderful Palestinian painter Laila Shawa in her London exile.
Israel Adam Shamir

Israel Shamir is a critically acclaimed and respected Russian Israeli writer. He has written extensively and translated Joyce and Homer into Russian. He lives in Jaffa, is a Christian, and an outspoken critic of Israel and Zionism.