Israel trusts in BMD against Iran threat

Israeli military commanders are confident their multi-arrayed anti-ballistic missile defense system can shoot down any nuclear-armed Iranian missiles aimed at their country.

Uzi Rubin, a defense consultant to the Israel Defense Forces responsible for overseeing the first Arrow anti-ballistic missile system, told WorldNetDaily in an interview published Friday that Israel was in a strong position defend itself from such an attack.

‘I think we can shoot down missiles attacking Israel. There are strategic implications. The nuclear threat is not about the chance of one single missile that can sneak through. It`s about Israel`s retaliatory efforts. They (Iran) have a slight chance or no chance at all of getting through. They will get a second strike from Israel, and that`s what they are concerned about,’ he said.

Rubin told WND that Israel`s survivable second-strike capability, carried on nuclear-armed cruise missiles deployed on a mini-fleet of three German-built diesel-powered submarines or U-boats, was the country`s most effective deterrent. ‘Iran could not guarantee their people that they wouldn`t be wiped out by retaliation. That is the deterrence,’ he said.