Heavenly Wine and Purpose of Demonstration

Visible Origami – December 28, 2011

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
I’ve been receiving cautions here and there about this and that, related to my comings and goings and I am not unappreciative, though some of the admonitory giftings, seem a little woo woo by more than half. This provokes me to speak on the matter. Every moment we are in is possibly our last and the reality of where and when and how is not in our hands, to the exclusion of reckless behavior on some accounts and even then, that’s not necessarily fatal; that’s just asking for a demonstration and that demonstration depends of the whim of the demonstrator.
A lot of people talk about faith in God. They talk about the existence of God. They speculate, postulate and theorize. People talk about what God is or is not and what God does or does not permit or approve of. Nothing is real, everything is permitted… for a time, for the purpose of demonstration. I don’t just believe there is a God. I know there is a God. That is an important distinction. Visceral is very different from intellectual. The Divine is all powerful. The divine lives in everything; the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. The Divine exists, differently aspected in everything and can move from unconsciousness to dream to self consciousness to full awakening in the space of a breath and certainly less; “I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham”.
There is absolutely no limit to the power of The Divine, none whatsoever. There is nothing that The Divine cannot accomplish in you but your fear stands in the way. Fear is the parent of uncertainty and also the father of much that is evil. One of the truisms that I take as gospel is that Fear and Love displace each other. Neither can exist in the presence of the other and… God is Love. Think about what this implies. Let us say that you have powerful enemies (insert the 23rd Psalm). The Divine lives in these enemies. They have no life, no existence, except that it is granted to them by The Divine. This means that they can do nothing to harm you, unless they are allowed to. Nothing can touch you except what is permitted to, for the purpose of demonstration. Much of this is dependent on your fear; “that which we have feared has come upon us”. The use of demonstration is a process by which The Divine increases your faith, according to The Divine’s own mysterious reasons.
Certain dangers attend everyone, no matter WHERE they are. Many a powerful person has been taught the lessons of depending upon a fortress or a fortune, or an army or an armada. What happens is not dependent on who your enemies are but on whether you please The Divine. That is Job One. Who do you spend your time seeking to please? There is a VERY IMPORTANT lesson to be gained here; very important. I am less than nothing and I know this. I serve, I breathe, I move at the pleasure of The Divine and NO ONE ELSE. I owe no one anything, except insofar as I am inspired to feel it and that inspiration comes from The Divine.
Many new age types like to paint angels as soft loving creatures, that hover around their atmosphere, spilling astral roses and whatnot, like they were some kind of traveling sachet dispenser. I suppose many of the lesser assistants of the seraphim and cherubim may have qualities of this kind and certainly Nature spirits do, if they can be encouraged to appear, due to an excess of virtue in the person they present themselves to. However, real angels, especially the big guns, are fearsome beyond description and their mere approach is sure to send most people into a trembling, bowel evacuating state of terror. Anyone who thinks differently hasn’t had the pleasure, or otherwise. People who presume to be channeling archangels cause me some degree of mirth.
Their counterparts from the infernal regions are also indescribable …and serious fools seek to court their favor or command them. Do they have the slightest idea what they are dealing with? No. Yet a friend of God can shoo them away like a house-cat. One of the purposes of life on this planet is to make war on Heaven. That is the intent of the inspiration in the minds of men and women who think themselves powerful and who, in their arrogance, rise to the bait. Eventually, Heaven accommodates them. It is no coincidence that so many movies of this sort are being made at this time. As my invisible friend never tires of telling me, “You haven’t seen anything yet”, along with, “You have no idea”.
Another purpose of life on this planet, is for any and all to realize their destiny and to awaken, by virtue of the conditions that surround them and by contemplation upon these things, until inspiration grants them understanding. Some of you are looking for work. You would be glad of an opportunity to serve. You may be sure there are opportunities in abundance. However, many people mistake what being in the service of The Divine implies. They overlook the simple duties and those things calling out for their attention all around them in every day. Most true heroes are unsung ‘here’ and those that are, are for the purpose of demonstration. They are there to be seen as evidence of potential, as an example of what can be.
Being afraid of enemies and dangerous possibilities is a foolish thing. Your life hangs in the balance every moment and inexorably approaches the moment in which it will be claimed, one way or another or… well, there are quite a few or’s… Consider this truth, if you are older and have been here for a time. Consider how quickly your life went by. It seems like no time at all on occasion, even while the very moment you are in, can appear to drag on forever. Points are being made to us all the time. We just don’t pay attention. Why don’t we pay attention? It isn’t what we want to hear. It interferes with what we want to do otherwise; like we have a clue what is best for us. We don’t. I’m including myself here, by the way, I always do. If you should catch me railing about something at any of the blogs, I’m talking to myself as well. Don’t imagine that I am not.
The Divine put me through the grinder. It was done for a VERY GOOD REASON. I engaged in things and behaved certain ways that mystified the Hell out of me. Later I was told I had no choice. It’s something to keep in mind. I was told, some little while ago that good and evil no longer applied. The only thing that applied was what The Divine wanted to occur. Good and evil is for those who have not met The Divine. This does not mean, anything goes. Some people who get to a certain place think it does mean that and we’ve seen a recent example of that. What it means is that good and evil isn’t what we think it is and certainly not what society dictates. All kinds of rules cease to apply once one has come closer to the one who makes the rules in the first place.
Some people have been a bit aghast at my leaving my beloved consort and my faithful companion Poncho, not realizing that over the last several years I have been away for up to six months in Italy by myself,, except for Poncho. Both legs of my presently intended journey are less than time previously spent away. Some are aghast at what they may consider my cavalier manner concerning my relationship here, without realizing that it is mutual. We get put into situations and relationships that reflect the degree of our progress. That is the reason I am in a position where no constraints are put on my behavior whatsoever. This does not mean there are no constraints on my behavior. If I were alone in every sense I would still be constrained by my own true intentions and the intentions directed upon me. True freedom is to be aligned, without the desire for choice, with the will of the one who knows me better than I ever will and who, it is my fervent prayer will replace me, with all due haste; constantly changing is constantly dying into that which you are changing into, until less and less of what you thought you were transforms into who you are.
It is better to realize that you will lose everything, before you lose everything, than when you do. In truth you lose nothing of value. All that you had of value in anyone or anything was the same presence in everyone and everything. What do I aspire to most? I aspire to be drunk and ripped out of my mind on The Ineffable. This is an actual condition, demonstrated by certain Sufi dervishes and ecstatics of every stripe and denomination. This is that wine of Bacchus and Dionysus, as surely as it is the wine of Jesus. It’s a real thing. It is part of the meaning of changing water into wine.
My chief responsibility is to seek The Divine, not to concern myself with the usual concerns of life, which are taken care of in any case, simply as a side effect of the primary responsibility. This is everyone’s chief responsibility and the best way to manage your other concerns. It looks risky. What’s risky is taking these responsibilities on yourself. What is risky is not having the necessary faith; “faith is ‘the substance’ of things unseen”.
If you want something you go to the source where it is acquired. If everything can be gained from a single source, it stands to reason that that is where you go. People say they tried that but it didn’t work. They didn’t try hard enough or long enough and when it invariably does show up, they have moved on. You have to be rooted in certitude. You have to be certain. If you’re not certain, neither is the universe. It is a mirror, after all. Looking into the mirror and speaking to The Ineffable is not a foolish practice.
Observe life. Look around you. Study it. Look deeply. What is it that people are doing and what does it result in? Where does it end? Study yourself. What are you doing? What follows? You are for the purpose of demonstration but.. what is the purpose of the demonstration?
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I I am a creator, by the grace of inspiration, in various media, by the grace of God, the love of whom, is the centerpiece of my life.