Voice of the White House December 16, 2005

“Faced with a de facto revolt in Congress, Bush caved in the McCain plan to ban maltreatment of prisoners of war in American hands. Mark this, Bush was mad as hell and will do everything in his power to sabotage any such agreement. The President is a small minded, mean and vindictive man whose word means nothing and who has the character of a snapping turtle. The idea for torturing the Iraqi, and other, captives originated with Bush himself, not the obvious choice, Cheney the Sadist. Bush actually enjoys the suffering of others. Now, torture has been going on, especially in the CIA, for decades. What these assholes did in Vietnam is as bad as anything Stalin or Hitler did but, of course, no one will dare talk about it and frankly, the CIA has nothing but contempt for the American people and their leaders. We know here that the MI6 in England was fully aware that CIA flights carrying their prisoners to a safe place outside the US to torture them were using Britain as a transit point to Hell. The Brits are reasonably civilized, certainly far more so than the giggling perverts at Langley, and their public is becoming increasingly restive over the torture and other issues. It would not surprise anyone on Embassy Row here if Bush’s lap dog, Blair, got booted out, leaving Bush with only the butt sucking Poles who would let him open up Auschwitz for the torture of Arabs. There is a story, no doubt untrue, that when the Polish Ambassador was visiting the White House, he heard the foul-mouthed Bush shout, “shit!” at the top of his lungs. True to form, the Ambassador dropped his pants and fawningly said, “Where, Sir? In the corner?” Bush will promise anything to anyone…and then never produce. This is partially because his memory is totally shot for medical reasons but also because George W. Bush is a lying, treacherous creature who surrounds himself with similar low-lifes, dead-beats and moral lepers and thinks the world owes him a living. What he is owed by the rest of the normal world cannot be repeated in print. “

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