Warps and Woofs, Woo Woo and Wiffenpoofs

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Tuesday December 27, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
I’ll be headed into the unknown soon and we may have some some periods of interruption on the way. That has happened here before, without my even having to leave the house, so, bear with me as you can.
I happened to mention in the comments section of Smoking Mirrors that I would be on the Jeff Rense radio show sometime in the new few weeks, once I have acclimatized to my new location. So, of course, someone had to come along and mention Jeff having association with GCN radio and how every word out his mouth to pass the approval of his scriptmasters. The person didn’t even know if he was still there or not. What the person did know was about connections to Disney and that means Johnny Depp is probably cointel pro too, as would be anyone connected to Disney at any time, including Halley Mills, Mickey Mouse and Goofy. I suppose a case could be made for any of them because the moment any of us open our mouths, we begin to lie. The kicker is that some of us lie in a way that reveals the truth and some of us lie in a way that obscures it. When I say ‘lie’, I mean to say that we depart from that which cannot be spoken and can be known only in contemplation, which is why the truly wise tend to keep their mouths shut or speak seldom. Obviously I’m not truly wise, just working on it.
Words create a fence that draws parameters around a field, so that the imagination can give form to what is contained therein. We can never say exactly what we mean or have it exactly understood, which is why resonance is so important, because the right thoughts are stimulated in reaction, so that real communication can be effected. We get a lot of that here, thanks to the high level awareness of the general reader.
I haven’t known Jeff Rense long and I don’t know him well and all I know is that I was always pleased to find that I had been linked there on rare occasions and as time passed, I was linked there more often and then the day came when I was told to submit my work and its been there ever since. In that time I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with Jeff and he has been most gracious and understanding to me and a relentless supporter of my work. That’s all I really know. I get on well with people he does not get on with but that is the world and he has been gracious about that too. That tells me a great deal about someone. Keep in mind the things that I say. I do not mince my words. If Jeff were in the pay or thrall of forces that we are all aware of and that some of us even know a little about, would he consistently print my work? Ask yourself that.
From what I see it is called The Rense Radio Network. You will note that Michael Rivero appears on that network and no one can say that Michael minces his words. He’s got a thing about the ‘no plane hit the Pentagon’ argument and he’s got a thing about what HARRP actually does. Since I don’t know anything about either of these things I don’t have much to say on these matters. I do find that round hole in The Pentagon to be curious but I’m not concerned about details like this. I am concerned with only one thing, WHO DID IT. Israel did it and they did it with help from other agencies and individuals that are a part of their international Satanic network. Neither Jeff nor Michael shy away from this. The Truthseeker doesn’t shy away from it either and that is why those are the 3 sites that I allow my work to appear on because that is one of my litmus tests for whether someone is disinfo.
I could be disinfo, after all, I was locked up in maximum government holding pens, where all kinds of things could have taken place. I could have been medicated and surgically altered and never known about it. I guess that’s possible. I’ve no recollection of anything like it but who knows? One day they push a button and I morph into The Terminator. Personally, I think too many people read too many things and get too much of their information from Benjamin Fulford and Sorcha Fall. I can’t say that I even know whether Fulford is on or off. What I do know is that he says a lot of weird shit and The Rockefeller interview was a little strange. Then again, I say all kinds of weird shit but mine is metaphysical and that is the place where weird and supernatural hang out to begin with. I have invisible friends. That pretty much makes me certifiable and I already have official documents that say that and say that it’s incurable too; thank god for that.
What I know about Jeff Rense is that he is one of the hardest working men on the planet. Jim Kirwan would qualify in that regard too. Some of us are more sedate and some of us are impassioned to the point of hysteria sometimes but that is because some of us care that much. We are all possessed in a certain way. There are people that like some of us and people that despise the others. Among these very people such rivalries and fallouts occurs but they are the best of the breed so far as I know it.
Alex Jones is a horse of a different color. It’s provable who he works for and he says the Saudis own Hollywood, which might be kind of true, given who the Saudis really are. You’ll need to research that on your own. But when you mention The Zionists and 9/11, his pants catch on fire and he goes ballistic about it, sharing out a buffet table of that roasted canard of anti-Semitism. Even though these people are not Semitic, in the context of their pretending to be, one might say that anti-Semitism is a logical and defensible state for those with eyes wide open. You can’t say about these other people what you can say about Alex. I’d say, if you were looking for tools, you should scan his guest lists.
This brings me around to the subject of Masons and Illuminati, Opus Dei. Doris Day, The Vatican and the recurrent arguments that I get here, presented by Sayanim and Hasbara trolls who insist that The Vatican is behind everything. I speculate about things. I admit it. I also go where the hard cold facts take me and what it right out in front and directly traceable. My opinion is that all kinds of straw dogs and red herrings are being served up in hoagie sandwiches, for the sole purpose of seducing the inquisitive. I’ve never said that certain cabals within the masonic order are not working against the best interests of humanity. What I have said is that it does not include all Masons. I know this, so it is futile to argue with me. This is the same thing that goes on when the psychopathic Zionist Jews, conceal themselves in the ranks of the general Jewish population. Unfortunately, the general Jewish populations buy and play, all too readily into the massive hoaxes that their leaders have perpetrated on the masses, for ‘whatever their reasons may be’ and that is going to cost them dearly. They need to collectively get their act together while they have the time because, judgment is coming.
Certain stereotypes are true. I don’t much care what PC arguments anyone has about that. I’ve witnessed all of it with my own eyes and over periods of time long enough to prove it to me. The point is, are these stereotypes cause for ridicule and contempt, or are they merely something to be observed and made aware of, within ones own mind? I’m reminded of the time The Tall Ships went sailing and it was at the same time that the Polish government was railing about Polish jokes and how injurious and not reflective of their true nature it all was; how offensive it was. Then what happened was that the Polish Tall Ships got lost for two weeks and didn’t get into harbor till the whole thing was over. The cosmos has a sense of humor. On the other hand, I’ve met brilliant Poles and their women are some of the most beautiful and gracious women in the world. You can’t make wholesale judgments but you can make yourself aware of what your own experience teaches you and you’re a fool if you don’t.
What seems negative about any group of people also has a positive side, if it is positively applied and you see that all the time. If you want to find something wrong with someone you will. We all do. I like to take an ever closer look at what I think I believe and employ rigorous self-inquiry. That has worked for me so far. I also study people’s character. Jeff could have been a lot harder on me, when I made a mistake, due to an excess of passion, a la Richard Lovelace. Instead he was gracious and forgiving. That scores big points with me. It speaks to character. Michael and I do not see eye to eye on The Divine. It’s not my business to micro manage him or seek to convert him. The cosmos has a very good reason for putting us in the positions we are in.
I don’t like Dick Cheney but he’s just playing a role. I don’t know all the ins and outs. I despise what the Israelis stand for and get up to, but they are simply the villains de jour, in this brief period of recorded history and all of that is changing now. This is The Big Kahuna of change; a 26,000 year cycle is ending and beginning. Dick Cheney isn’t going to like what he was either and neither are most of the political, religious, social and economic leaders of this time. They are the shit apples that have bobbed to the top of the planet’s septic tank; representative of this decadent and dying period of time. I’m not their judge and executioner. I might be a witness for the prosecution but hopefully I have some kind of special observer status, a scribe of sorts, or, even better, just some guy waiting for his water buffalo to be saddled up, so that he can ride outside the great walls of this departing and transforming world into another world dearer to his hearts desire.
I can only wish I haven’t pissed off yet more people by trying to do the right thing. That’s when I usually get into trouble. If I have then you have my apologies in advance but only if they are applicable (grin). I hope this new year brings all of us a greater refinement of heart and mind and a more committed industry on behalf of the greatest good for the greatest number of people.
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