The Horse Latitudes of Interim

Smoking Mirrors – December 26, 2011

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Greetings and welcome to the post Christmas, pre-New Year’s, Sargasso Sea. A momentary doldrum intrudes into The Horse Latitudes of Interim; creating a sort of, ‘hobbyhorse in the swimming pool’ effect. Of course, you don’t have a current to carry you but you have the effect of motion. You might as well imagine that the bobbing and dipping effect presents the illusion of movement. We’re all about illusion here on Planet Terra; or Tara, for you metaphysicians. As you can imagine, epidemic madness is the general resulting state, for anyone, not aligned with, or hooked into something meaningful. And so it goes (those of you, unable to even skim the dense, linked article, can move on to the part of this post which says, “End Transmission…….”). Or merely absorb this quote, “Those whom the god’s would destroy they first drive mad”.
Here are the primary enemies of humanity; ignorance, greed, indolence, unbridled appetite for the material over the immaterial; meaning evolution is no longer an upward swing. We are not here talking about Darwinian evolution and never have been, as far as I know. The secondary enemies of humanity are banks, corporations and political, religious and social leadership. Some think it more convenient to blame secret societies for their ills but that is akin to blaming the day for the activities of the night, or the light for casting shadows. First ask, “Who am I”? Then ask, “Where am I”? Then ask, “What is this”?
There are other enemies to be sure but they can be located by observing the ‘birds that flock together’. The original enemy is internal. The secondary enemy is external, according to the Law of Reflection. Some of the confusion can be noted in the barbershop window effect, where the repeating image curves out of sight. With me so far? Uh huh (grin). The question is, “Am I with me so far”?
The most common result of runaway materialism is insanity squaring itself; M=ic2. That’s probably not correct but it was intended as humorous relief. In any case, as materialism progresses toward cosmic resolution, the total amount of nut-jobs expands, to the point that cannibalism becomes ordinary and I’m not kidding. It’s not right this minute you have to worry about. It’s down the road but… down the road is the direction set from right this minute. Everything is connected, for better or worse. One large migration is headed into an inferno of madness driven, chaos and confusion. One migration of indeterminate size is headed elsewhere. You can see the genesis of mutation for the benefit of control systems here. Nothing that means anything at the moment, in terms of social or religious constructs, bears any resemblance to the original and authentic construct. Since the morphed and mutated constructs have slipped beyond relevant connection to essence, they are inescapably bound for destruction.
I am standing on the dock waving my handkerchief, as the ship sails away, or I am waving from the ship, or, I am looking through a train window at another train passing and experiencing some kind of Twilight Zone effect. What is ‘I’?
We note that Newt was unable to get the signatures necessary to get on the ballot in certain important states. Various reasons are given for this and none of them are the truth. The truth is that Newt has about the same level of support he had many months ago, which is nearly nothing. All of sudden, he became the front runner but… he was not and is not the front runner. ‘They’; Zio-Ogre Media, simply said that he was. The reality manifested when they couldn’t get enough people to agree to ‘sign ze papers’. He has no support but ‘they’ are working on that through, ‘perception management’. Romney isn’t even close to Ron Paul in Iowa. I would say that Ron Paul’s backing in Iowa is over 50% in reality and very likely that and more around the country, among those who have even heard of him.
Reality is that the old ways and the machinations of the entrenched elite, as well as the parasitical entities, that have become fully emergent over recent decades, is on their way out. That is how it is. They are going down and their reaction is to become worse than they have ever been, as a defense against their own demise. It is futile. They are going down, literally and figuratively. They are being unmasked and forces they weren’t even aware of, have them in the crosshairs. Everything they do, works against everything they intend. It seems different because of perception management; depending on whether your perceptions are being managed. That is a matter of whether ‘you’ are managing them, or not.
This is an old story. There’s nothing new here, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun”. People have a problem with this. People who believe in fairness and equality for all, cannot get their minds into a position to grasp how it is. You can argue that it shouldn’t be. You can rail against it but you will not change it. It is like the caste systems that any idealistic thinker finds it impossible to accept the reality of. The formalized caste systems of India are present everywhere but they are expressed differently. Try to move up from the sidewalks of London to his Lordships table and see what I mean. It does happen now and then, simply to keep the illusion in place. It’s like lottery tickets. Someone wins here and there, so that means you might win too. Sure you will.
I’m not saying that caste systems are appropriate or desirable. My view has nothing to do with it. Yours doesn’t either. Things are what they are. Reincarnation takes care of every desire you have, to be somewhere on the pecking order. Go to the bottom and rise to the top. Rise to the top and head for the bottom, or simply tread water in the doldrums. That is how it is on Planet Earth. Earth is a launching pad to many other places. Fair, expresses itself in many ways, not necessarily here. This is the boot camp planet, where what is desirable is not desirable. It’s the place where you get your values and priorities straight, by seeing where your choices take you. It looks grim but its not. It depends on you. No matter what, it still comes down to who you know, not where you are and what you can do but who you know. I won’t add any more to that. I’ve already gone on ad infinitum about it.
For better or for worse, you are where you are, in the times in which you find yourself. What you are is the determinant. What you are and who you are, is the determinant. It is all about your capacity for self-recognition. The less self recognition resident in you, the more your identity is conferred by surrounding forces. Your greatest defense against being swallowed up, is self recognition and that is precisely why Bitch Media is engaged in telling you who you are. It is to their profit and gain for you to be who and what they say you are, until they tell you something different. An informed public is either an aware or deluded public, depending on who is informing them.
Now, we are going to see what happens when ‘push comes to shove’. Keep in mind that the seemingly great power of external force, is only as consistent and reliable as the power it receives to act out. The moment the power switches to another routing configuration, or switches off, all of the official and enforcement vehicles no longer operate. They stop moving. The transiting age DEMANDS transformation. It is cyclic and cannot be opposed by any temporal means. If you were a tree you might observe the power of your command, that your leaves not tremble in the wind. That’s a good analogy and it doesn’t matter how it looks at the moment, depending on how your perceptions are being managed. What matters is how it is.
The Horse Latitudes are one thing. The Whore Latitudes are another. Decadence is not enduring. The fall of a culture is not suddenly arrested and reversed. Demanding that something be so, to suit your engineered identities, in order to support your appetites, or your need for acceptance, falls on deaf ears. Some things may prosper and proliferate for certain periods of time. History can be altered. Bait and switch can be global. Vice can replace virtue and be generally accepted as so, for the purpose of demonstration. Lack of restraint and the arrogant dismissal of all humility and modesty can seem trendy and cool. Fashion can make the ridiculous acceptable and desirable, for the purpose of demonstration. Lady Gaga can be grown in a septic, hydroponic tank and mainlined as an incarnation of Lady Nature …but not for long. Sure, it can seem to go on for awhile, according to your watch, but that is relative time. This is all being engineered for the purpose of demonstration and not by the ones who think they have the remote control in their hands.
Just when you think you have the whole world in your hands, it extends out of your reach, for the sole purpose of showing you what happens when your grasp exceeds your reach. What reason could there be for people who have far too much and want more? Is there any sanity to be found in this? Crazy is as crazy does and no matter what you have or who you are led to believe you are, for however long it happens, it’s worse than nothing if you can’t enjoy it. There is no more bitter pill than getting what you wanted and then realizing the cost and what attends it. Ah well, so it goes.
End Transmission…….


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