The Inquistion’s Latest Target: Bruno Gollnisch

Amnesty International recently refused to take up the case of imprisoned historian David Irving and now Bruno Gollnisch, a member of the European Parliament and a French university professor, is being lined up for the same treatment. His “crime” was to question the orthodox version of history, yet his words were so innocuous that we’ve emphasised the “criminal” utterance. Ed.

French far-right politician to face court for Holocaust revisionism
AFP – December 14, 2005

The European Parliament lifted the immunity of Bruno Gollnisch, deputy leader of France’s extreme right National Front party, paving the way for his trial on charges of Holocaust revisionism.

Gollnisch, a member of the European parliament and right-hand man of France’s far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, is now set to face trial before a French court from May next year, on charges of denying crimes against humanity.

The accusations surround comments he made before reporters in October 2004 saying that the existence of Nazi gas chambers during World War II was “up to historians to decide”.

He later reiterated the comments. European deputies decided not to defend their colleague’s immunity, in line with the recommendations of a report from the parliament’s legal affairs committee debated in the assembly on Monday.

The lawmakers decided that Gollnisch had not made the comments while exercising his parliamentary functions, but in his capacity as professor at Lyon university in eastern France.

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