Zionists pressurizes Bush Administration to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities

The Zionist regime is pressuring the Bush Administration to attack Iranian nuclear facilities, according to diplomatic sources in Jerusalem.

The sources, which demanded anonymity, said Israeli and Jewish leaders were intensifying pressure on Congress and the Bush Administration to ‘do something’ before Iran reached the ‘point of no-return’ in its uranium-enriching program.

“They are getting desperate and furious. Israel is telling the US that it would do it if the Americans didn’t do it,” said a European diplomatic source.

The source said that Israel was facing a problem with American public opinion, unlike the situation prior to the Anglo-American invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003.

“Today attacking another country in the Middle East would be utterly unpopular in America because of the quagmire in Iraq.

“Moreover, the Americans know quite well that an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities would mean a head-on collision with millions of Shiites in Iraq. So instead of one Zarqawi, hundreds of Zarqawis would appear.”

On Friday, Zionist defense minister Shaul Mofaz warned that ‘time was running out’ with regard to the ‘Iranian nuclear threat’.

He said, “Israel would have to adopt alternative measures if the current international efforts to stop the Iranian nuclear program failed.”

Mofaz’s statements were criticized by Yossi Belen, head of the center left party, Meretz, who called on Zionist prime minister Ariel Sharon to rein in Mofaz.

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