On the Road to Shambala through the Portal of 2012

Visible Origami – Saturday December 24, 2011

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(I’ll try to get this out to day. Posting will be sporadic over the next week or so, bear with me, I’ll try to stay in touch as I go; perhaps even resort to what most bloggers do (grin) and toss out short paragraphs along the way)
Today is Christmas Eve when the ‘vast majority’ in western countries seek to celebrate the avatar Jesus Christ, as a small minority seek to ruthlessly dismantle all signs of his presence. The avatar is also The Sun King; no not Louis the Fourteenth but the ever returning seed force, of ongoing awakening and setting in place, the pillars of each age he consistently arrives in. Getting in tune with yourself has a lot to do with recognizing cyclicity and transformative reoccurrence and that means identifying the timeless behind the trappings of any time. This is the doorstep to the portal of eternity and cyclicity is a key, even if you think it looks more like a watch face to you. The eternal conceals evidence of itself all through the conditions of time and Karma, cause and effect. We may not fully comprehend what we see because we ain’t there yet …but we are on our way and everything is under control and “success is speedy for the energetic”. Emetic and diuretic, after a fashion and there she goes and thar she blows. I don’t mean to be crass and/or profane but everything about you; ingestion, excretion, reproduction and on and on and so forth, has spiritual implications and we don’t get far without integrating every feature and facet of the divine into the ordinary of our days or… allowing it to become integrated.
Everything about us is divine or, failing that, partaking of the qualities of the animal. That’s fine for animals, who really seek no more than to serve in their way and to hopefully reincarnate with hands that can open an icebox, but it’s not so good for human beings, who should be aspiring to something more than hands that can open an icebox or help someone take off their clothes. It should serve to inform, here in the land of the mesmerized, that the mesmerizer is king. However, that’s just one of the primary occupations of the shadow of the light. You can have light without shadows (in certain places and transparency is the secret of that one) but you don’t get shadows without light. Apprehending this makes being here a whole lot easier than it can seem to be sometimes. What I mean is, when you know that the light and shadow play a part in the whole drama (and drama it is) then you can get an idea of what you are dealing with.
People have been messing about with dual and non dual, or dvaita and advaita since before they started counting angels on the heads of pins and because of cloudy minds, they will tell you there is a distinct difference between Western dualism and Eastern dualism. Most of this is Chatty Cathy stuff designed to make intellectuals seem important enough to have a place in anything relating to ordinary lives, which they generally don’t and why they are so arrogant about it. They’re like most doctors who can’t heal and often make things worse. The attitude comes with the territory; “Physician heal thyself” was something Jesus said but it was intended differently that most people would first imagine. You can look that up on your own. I use it here in its apart sense and it should be the first thing any would be physician thinks about, along with, “first do no harm”.
Arguing about dual and non dual is pointless. Recognize that they both apply and also that it’s pretty easy to talk about non dual to other people but something altogether different when you seek to abide there for any time. Humanity has always had an enemy and always lived in a world of opposites. The point is that the enemy works for the liberator and that should put paid to dual and non dual. Of course, intellectuals will want to split gnat hairs over this till doomsday’s break but that’s their province, not mine. I would have cut The Gordian knot too but I’m a Leo (grin), or used to be.
If you take the words of Jesus Christ from The Bible and rely only on those, you will be fine. If you insist on adding in Paul, because you think you might want to start a religion; good luck to you. Some of you might want to take mushrooms with St. John of Patmos and that’s okay also.
You can study The Vedas and the deep intricacies of The Tibetans and you can ponder Lao Tzu, you’ll get more or less the same message but this message will vary in application, depending on culture and time zones and your capacity to absorb and bring forth. Some of us are always going to be deeper than others and so on and so forth. This has about the same relative importance as comparing clams with butterflies. Both of them get the point, according to their nature and one of them has the Pearl of Great Price and the other has those interesting transformations. I didn’t consider these aspects of the two before I wrote them down. I only thought of transitory and beauty and the bottom of the sea; surface and depth. However, you can see what occurred to me afterwards and this is how the divine works in us and it should be as reassuring to you as it most certainly is to me. This kind of thing happens all day long. Reach in and grab yourself a fifty pound bag. Fly with shimmering iridescent wings, coated in sunlight and as momentary as a flower, or grind down upon your irritation, down in the dark and murky waters, until the pearl appears and the whole interior of your shell is lit with incandescent light. These are both parts of the eternal.
Lao Tzu said there is no difference between the surface and the depths. It’s a matter of appearances. There’s a profound mystery hidden in this but you have to discover it on your own. It’s one of those things that can’t be said and no matter how good you might be at saying things like this, it will serve to obscure, so that’s a stalemate and yet another glorious mystery.
Let us think of mystery; in both the positive and negative sense. Let us think of it as a series of veils that obscures the form of the mystery. When you finally get there, there is nothing there… but you are there and no longer a mystery. Actually, something is there in both senses but that is only incidental to you being there. We carry our own dangers with us. We bring them to the point and place of expression. They do not have to express however. As Lao Tzu also said, “cautious as a wayfarer traversing an icy stream”. This was in the same sutra as the one that says, “No tigers claws can harm him, no bull’s horn gore him and why? Because he has no death to die”. Didn’t Jesus Christ say similar things about The Kingdom, immortality and what can and cannot harm you from “every word that proceedeth out of the mouth” to “greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world”?
Dual, not dual, East and West. There’s no difference. It’s just something the mind does when it’s not your friend yet. This is the key thing I want to pass along; now and at any time. What did Christ say? I’ll have to paraphrase, “Do not call me master because a servant does not know what his master is about but rather call me ‘friend’”. What did the Grateful Dead say, “a friend of The Devil is a friend of mine”; not knocking The Dead, just borrowing the quote. Become a friend of The Divine. He has any number of ‘types of friends’, though the numbers will always be small by comparison. It doesn’t matter what else you may aspire to or want. It doesn’t matter. Becoming a friend of God insures the possession of it and includes things of much greater value and durability that you didn’t even think of; weren’t capable of thinking of. “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him”. Oh yeah, nail a golden spike where that cat wailed.
It is a drama but it is also a dance and the rhythm for it comes out of the sound of Shiva’s drum. The cosmos is dancing and most people are clumsy partners. Adjust yourself to the moves of your partner and become like the figure in The World (21st trump). Every image and color in the card has meaning, just as with the other archetypes. That’s the specific way that The One assembles itself to express some condition or enduring quality that you need. Without certain qualities you cannot advance. They are critically important. It is on The Path where the value and necessity of them presents itself and also where the opportunity to acquire them presents itself as well.
For all the tomorrow men and women who live it that further imaginary region, tomorrow becomes today. It is always today, just as it is always right now. You are right where the arrow is pointing on the map in the bus kiosk on the way to Shambala.
I was told last night that today, with the new moon and the Sun’s entrance into Capricorn, that this is the day on which your new year should start. Get a jump into what should prove to be one of the most interesting years in all of our lives. Make that leap of faith and keep in mind that it could be so wide that it has no other side, or it could only be as wide as your fear.
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