The Utter Insanity of Attacking Iran’s Nuclear Sites

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For December 21, 2011

Sometimes the obvious needs stating.
If or, rather (it appears), when Iran’s nuclear sites are attacked we know that the consequences will be dreadful for Iranians and probably everyone else on the planet. The consequences might easily also provide a horrible surprise for those who expect to profit from the global cataclysm that will almost certainly ensue.
But what of the initial attack itself?
There are three Iranian power-station reactors and six smaller research reactors
There are approximately 80 nuclear ‘facilities’ of one kind or another in Iran. Presumably, if one wants to destroy the Iranian capacity to create a nuclear bomb, not knowing where key technology is located, one would have to strike every single one of these sites.
This issue was explored in some depth in an article by Floyd Rudmin in 2008.
The utter insanity of carrying out such attacks should be immediately apparent. We have seen consequences of (supposedly) mere fires and a tsunami flood in Fukushima’s reactors. A significant portion of Japan is unfit for human habitation. The Pacific ocean continues to be poisoned by leaks. A frightening increase in mutated births are being reported in the area around the plant.
Bunker-busting bombs, possibly with nuclear warheads hitting multiple Iranian reactors would send massive amounts of radiation into the upper atmosphere to fall God-knows-where, possibly anywhere in the northern hemisphere. Hundreds of farms in North Wales and Cumbria, areas that suffered some of the Chernobyl fallout in 1984, are still not allowed to sell their lamb for consumption. How much more serious might an all-out attack on Iranian nuclear facilities be?
An expectation is being created that this event will occur. Perhaps there is the hope that with the crippling sanctions now being organised by the delightful people at the UK Foreign Ministry (amongst others) and the various other trade restrictions being imposed on Iran, that the country will become so economically strangled that its government will become desperate and this combined with the thunder of western war drums will freak Iran, believing an attack to be inevitable, into making a first strike.
This is almost exactly the game played against Japan prior to WW2.
We are led by devils…….fiends…….degenerate Satanists……..who care nothing for the well-being of the British, nor the American nor, most certainly, the Israeli people. If Iran is destroyed it is highly likely that Israel will be also. The citizens of all three countries have be misinformed, lied to, abused and, when needs be, murdered (see here and here) by the criminal gangsters that we call our governments.
We must get very noisy about this issue.
Also, as Floyd Rubin suggests, we would do well to pray.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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